Big Tech Progressives Continue To Weaponize Censorship

Big Tech Progressives Continue To Weaponize Censorship

Twitter removed FL Surgeon General Joseph A. Labado’s tweet that shed light on a scientific study and warned folks that there is significant evidence of the covid-19 mRNA vaccine leading to an 84% increase in cardiac-related deaths.


Joseph A. Ladapo has a long list of medical achievements and accomplishments, such as earning an MD from Harvard Medical School, a Ph.D. from Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and becoming a Surgeon General for the state of Florida. So when Ladapo shares a scientific study you know he’s coming from a place of great medical understanding.


Twitter didn’t seem to like this, however. You see, Twitter may not be full of doctors, but they do have the tendency to hide any truth they don’t like. Twitter is addicted to controlling the narrative. And while they did eventually put the Surgeon General’s medical post back up after much backlash and pressure, that was only after they had initially removed it and left a notice in their wake saying it “may contain disputed or misleading information”.

This is far from the first time Big Tech has gone out of its way to censor the truth. We here at North Star Liberty Alliance have also faced undoing censorship from Big Tech, most likely because of our unwavering pro-liberty stances.


You can read the full article here but a brief summary is in the spring of 2021 Facebook censored the NSLA page amidst our big fight against the progressive agenda. They didn’t tell us why we were taken down out of nowhere but after pressure, they finally cracked and worked on reinstating the page.


Progressives in the tech industry have done, are doing, and will continue to try their best to censor the truth and push their narrative. Whether it’s a medical professional with a Ph.D. from Harvard or a newsgroup like NSLA. Even as we strive to uncover and bring you the truth about the progressive agenda they still try to censor our writers and us. 


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