Business Owners Closing Doors Thanks To Heavy-Handed Government

Business Owners Closing Doors Thanks To Heavy-Handed Government

It’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of businesses have had to close their doors in the past year.


Politicians will blame the nature of the global pandemic, when in reality they have nobody to blame but themselves.


The politicians who the people elected to represent and serve them have completely and utterly failed.


Even Senator Klobuchar acknowledges that businesses are in trouble. Noting that 800 businesses close PER DAY. 


Her solution to the problem mandates more government bribes to keep business owners quiet for a month or two. 


The only real and lasting solution to this economic catastrophe is to take government out of the equation. 


Government has demonstrated time and time again that they only make matters worse, which is exactly what Walz has done with his own “emergency” powers. 


Some legislators like Representative Dave Baker talk about plans to push the reopening of Minnesota’s economy to this summer! Small businesses cannot take months more of these crushing lockdowns! Businesses need economic freedom now. 


What’s Minnesota’s Governor doing to fix this crisis?


To start, Tim Walz has proposed writing his economy-crushing regulations into law, as well as major tax hikes.


Neither of which lead to a path toward economic recovery. Perhaps it’s time for the legislature to step in and stop Walz from causing further damage to the state. 


Have you signed the petition to Impeach Walz? 




Use the link above to sign the petition. When you’ve signed, be sure to send it to everyone you know!


North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) needs all the help it can get. Negligent politicians are ready to stand in the way and defend Walz. 


Luckily, the efforts thus far have proven effective. Representative Mortensen has officially submitted Articles of Impeachment in the Minnesota House. NSLA is hearing rumors that legislators are getting ready to be co-sponsors!

Will you be a part of this historical impeachment? Consider a generous contribution to the effort.