CDC Panel Clears Way For Minnesotan Kids To Be Force Jabbed To Attend Public School

CDC Panel Clears Way For Minnesotan Kids To Be Force Jabbed To Attend Public School

On Thursday, a CDC advisory panel unanimously voted to add the new and experimental Covid-19 shots to it’s child immunization schedule. While this doesn’t immediately make them mandatory for children, it will open the door for mandatory child Covid-19 vaccines if it does. 


As stated by Alpha News The CDC’s ACIP, or Advisory Committee On Immunization Practices, voted on Thursday to add the experimental Covid-19 shot from Moderna, Pfizer, and NovaVax to the “recommended immunization schedules” for children aged six months or older. This ruling comes after its earlier recommendation that individuals get a Covid-19 shot and booster as soon as they are eligible.


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is expected to approve the decision without a second thought.


While this decision does not force you to jab your kids on its own, once passed it may clear the way for states to mandate an experimental Covid-19 vaccine that has already wreaked many health problems on people old and young alike.


This tweet sums it all up nicely:


This is a great reason why Minnesota needs school choice. As a refresher, school choice is when the tax dollars follow the student, regardless of what school they attend. If your nearby public school is forcing an experimental vaccine, you can easily choose a different and better school for your child. School choice allows parents to use their tax dollars on schools where they send their children. Normally you have to pay taxes for your local school regardless. As it stands, if you want to send your kid to a private school, you have to pay for both. With school choice, you can choose what school your kid will attend and pay for just that school, often using a voucher program.

School choice also has the added benefit of helping everyone. It incentivizes all schools to be great places to learn for your child. Otherwise, your child won’t go there and they’ll lose a student and the associated funding.


This great country was built for freedom of choice. You should have the right to choose if you want an experimental vaccine or not. Just as importantly you should also choose what school you wish to send your child to. The government should not put any indoctrination or forced vax before you being a good parent to your child.