Could The Government Block Your Cell Phone For Vaccine Refusal?

Could The Government Block Your Cell Phone For Vaccine Refusal?

Yes. Pakistan is already doing it.


According to Hindustan Times, the Pakistani provincial government of Punjab will be blocking the SIM cards of citizens who failed to show up for their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Despite decreasing coronavirus cases in the province, the government will not rest until any and all citizens are inoculated.


If the citizens of the United States do not remain vigilant, the same thing could happen here. Concerts and sporting events across the nation have already begun mandating proof of vaccination before admittance. How long before your business down the street demands that you disclose your private health history?


Luckily, some states like Florida have gotten ahead of this and banned vaccine passports. Unfortunately, others like New York and Hawaii have implemented passports statewide. Minnesota has neither enacted nor banned these “Licenses to Live”, and that could change soon.


Remember when the Minnesota Department of Health teased the possibility of COVID-19 vaccine passports? How about when Governor Walz began bribing citizens with their own tax dollars into getting the vaccine? 


Clearly, Walz and his cronies in the state government do not respect individual health freedom and must be stopped. That’s why North Star Liberty Alliance is leading the charge to Impeach and remove Walz from office. 


Have you signed the petition to Impeach Governor Tim Walz?