Did You See What Walz Tried To Do?

Did You See What Walz Tried To Do?

"Extra, extra, read all about it!" was the phrased uttered years ago when people sold news papers on the corner. 


Have you seen the news lately? The evidence is overwhelming against Governor Walz.


Last week, Let Them Play MN -- a group focused on lifting the ridiculous COVID-19 restrictions on high school athletes -- updated their lawsuit against Governor Walz.


The lawsuit states that Governor Walz tried to cover up Long-Term Care Facility (LTC) deaths while pinning blame on student athletes. My friend, if all is as it appears, this could be one of the biggest scandals in Minnesota’s history!


But get this -- Let Them Play MN’s new evidence includes an internal email from one of Tyrant Tim’s political consultants. 


A key line of the email reads:


“we need to more explicitly tie youth sports to LTC.”


Check Out The Details Of The Lawsuit Here.


And it doesn't stop there.


Just a few days ago, the public received even more information about the corruption leaking out of Walz’ office.


Another internal email from Walz’ Department of Health (MDH) revealed that their guidance was based on the 2020 election results. Take a look for yourself:


You see, it’s clear that all of this nonsense has been politically motivated from the start. Walz’ crew got scared when the DFL lost seats in the state house and began scrambling to rescue their plummeting poll numbers...


...changing health policy just to make the Governor look better.


This is what happens when you utilize political science and not real science!


There is no question that Walz deserves to be Impeached for this gross negligence alone, not even factoring in all the other crimes that he is getting away with!


Luckily, your North Star Liberty Alliance is ready with a rock-solid Impeachment Plan to give Walz the boot once and for all!


NSLA Impeachment Steps:


  1. Get thousands to sign a petition to Impeach - COMPLETE
  2. Find a candidate committed to Impeachment - Erik Mortensen - COMPLETE
  3. Get our members to pitch in HUGE for the battle to Impeach - COMPLETE
  4. Educate liberty lovers in the district during the election - COMPLETE
  5. Liberty lovers show up in droves and elect a Liberty Champion - Rep. Erik Mortensen - COMPLETE
  6. Draft the Articles of Impeachment - COMPLETE
  7. Rep. Mortensen submit to the Revisor, introduce Impeachment Resolution to the House - COMPLETE
  8. Get legislators to co-author the Impeachment Resolution - COMPLETE
  9. POUR ON THE PRESSURE - Get tens of thousands to sign the petition, more co-authors - IN PROGRESS
  10. Vote to Impeach Tyrant Tim - SOON


As you can see, my team and I have been working hard to complete our Impeachment Plan. Now, we’re on step 9: Pouring On The Pressure.


NSLA has been working around the clock to get Impeachment on the minds of every patriot around the state… and it’s working!


Legislators who have refused to support Representative Mortensen’s Articles of Impeachment are getting piles of angry letters from their constituents, demanding to know why they won’t fight against the tyranny in the governor’s office.


Have you completed my action plan? 




If every patriot receiving this email completed the Action Plan, Impeachment would eclipse anything being talked about at the Capitol!


You see, your elected officials are trying to run the clock on Impeachment. They think that if they can ignore the issue for long enough, it will simply go away!


It's safe to say that Impeachment pressure is not going anywhere, and we will keep fighting till the very end on this. 


I look forward to working with NSLA’s grassroots patriot army on ending tyranny in Minnesota and restoring our system of checks and balances. 


I’m glad to know that I can count on you to help make a difference. 

In Liberty,

Bill Paulsen


North Star Liberty Alliance