Don't Let Them Hold You Hostage

Don't Let Them Hold You Hostage

The political class - with Tim Walz as its figurehead - is demanding billions in new taxes from the overburdened Minnesota taxpayer.  They say this is required to ensure that we have safe roads and bridges.

What they don’t give when demanding more money is an accounting for how they are spending the current $83 billion biennial budget -- a budget that Tim Walz wants to increase to $86 billion next cycle.  

One example very relevant to the gas tax is the use of the motor vehicle sales tax.   This tax - imposed on car purchases - brings in over $770 million a year to the state coffers - more than $1.5 billion during each budget cycle.  

One might think this tax is a “user fee” since the car will be driven on roads and bridges funded by the government.  Whatever one might think of the concept of a “user fee” for government services, this tax (which can run into the 1000s of dollars for even a modest family or work vehicle) is far from a user fee.  

Forty percent of this tax goes to supporting “transit” projects that do not support the roads and bridges people paying this tax use.  This means over $600 million each budget is cycle taken from car buyers and used on fashionable projects not related to roads and bridges.

We cannot let the political class hold us and our families hostage - demanding we pay for their pet projects before they will release money to spend on roads and bridges.  Tell your legislators to vote NO on any and all tax increases.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition to oppose and all taxes increases.  Tell your legislators today we do not need more taxes and more spending by a bloated state government.