Enough Is Enough - We Need A Clean End To Emergency Powers; Never Again

Enough Is Enough - We Need A Clean End To Emergency Powers; Never Again

Enough with the games.


Republicans in the state legislature have been putting on quite the show for the people of Minnesota. 


Fortunately, people are starting to see through their lies.


RINO Republicans like Rep Barb Haley claim that they want to end Governor Walz’ emergency powers, yet introduce legislation that does no such thing! 


Check out our analysis here. 


These fake bills that Republicans keep pushing have no grounds in reality, and really just offer political cover for lazy politicians. 


Now, RINO Republican Rep Dave Baker has announced that he’s working with the liberal politician Gene Pelowski on pushing the reopen back several months!


Read more on Baker’s Betrayal here. 


Businesses can't wait to reopen several months from now! Far too many have closed their doors already thanks to Tyrant Tim's abusive edicts. 


This is getting ridiculous! Republicans pledged last campaign season that they would fight tooth and nail to end Walz’ emergency powers, yet now only offer fake reforms to get activists off their backs!


The legislature alone now has the ability to end Walz’ executive overreach once and for all. All they need to do is pass a simple resolution through the senate, and flip a few vulnerable DFL votes in the house. 


Then, and ONLY then, legislators should start talking about serious reform to the Minnesota Constitution. 


One surefire way to make sure that this kind of tyranny never happens again, is to impeach the tyrant. 


If Walz is not impeached and removed, he will get away with his abuses of power. He willingly and openly violated his oath to the constitution, and that is not something to take lightly.


Not only would this send Walz packing, but would send a message to anyone sitting in the governor’s mansion that the house and the senate alone can draft legislation. 


This is why the North Star Liberty Alliance has launched the largest grassroots campaign in our history, to impeach and remove Walz. 


Have you put your name to the effort?



After you sign, consider a generous contribution to this effort


The North Star Liberty Alliance has already sent out tens of thousands of letters to patriots around the state of Minnesota, and Representative Mortensen has submitted our Articles of Impeachment against Walz!


Now, you and I must convince the last holdouts in the house to vote for impeachment. 

Please, contribute now, and be a part of this historical impeachment.