Shut Down "Explore Minnesota" Now!

On June 7, 2019 the Star Tribune reported that Minnesota taxpayers paid $57,000 to celebrity food star, Andrew Zimmern, for him to post tweets online about Minnesota.

This is not a joke.  This actually happened.

Politicians in St. Paul cry about how they don't have money for vital programs, yet we just paid $57,000 to a wealthy celebrity for tweets!


Minnesota Representatives, Senators, and Governor Walz,

I am furious that you would think it a good idea to pay a celebrity $57,000 for tweets to promote tourism under the "Explore Minnesota" Program.

This calls into question how you likely are spending (wasting) our hard-earned tax dollars in other ways.

We have serious issues in this state that far outweigh wasting taxpayer dollars on "tourism promotion."

I call on you to IMMEDIATELY end the "Explore Minnesota" program.

Return the $14 Million dollars a year that you spend on this ridiculous program to taxpayers in Minnesota!

Stories like these are why people don't trust the government!

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