Gazelka Announces That He Won't Hold Walz Accountable

Gazelka Announces That He Won't Hold Walz Accountable

The Senate Republicans now have a prime opportunity to stop Governor Walz in his tracks and force him to give up his detrimental emergency powers. After all, holding Walz and his friends accountable is what many of them campaigned on late last year. 


Now that budget negotiations for the upcoming biennium are in full swing, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has a few options. Gazelka and Senate Republicans can begin by firing Walz’ appointed commissioners one by one as a form of political Pressure. They can also prevent Walz from getting what he wants by stalling any kind of budget negotiations until Walz cedes his peacetime emergency and restores the separation of powers.


Instead of standing up for the forgotten and ignored people of Minnesota, Gazelka has caved to political pressure and will do none of the above things. The Senate Majority Leader made that clear when he said…


“I feel obligated to pass a budget by June and I reject those that want to shut down the government or fire every commissioner if we don't get our way. All of these strategies destroy the fabric of good government.”


What does “good government” mean to Paul Gazelka? Because Tyrant Tim Walz having complete and total control of the state government for more than a year should never count as “good government” by any stretch of the imagination. 


Walz’ 409 day emergency is way beyond the norm set by any previous governor. It’s clear that Walz does not care about the legislature’s ability to create legislation and should be punished as such. If Senate Republicans won’t stand up to Walz, then House Republicans need to lead the charge. 


Representative Erik Mortensen has introduced Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz, but many of his Republican colleagues have yet to sign on! Without the support it needs, Impeachment will never get a committee hearing! Tell your State Rep that you support Impeachment by signing on to the Impeachment petition.




Then, send this article to everyone you know! Friends, family, and even friends on Facebook! The more people that sign on, the more names your State Representative will have to read while weighing out their Impeachment decision.