Gazelka's Full Record Of Terrible Votes

Gazelka's Full Record Of Terrible Votes

When it comes to elections, many voters will simply look for the “R” or the “D” next to a candidate and vote exclusively on party affiliation. Our job at the North Star Liberty Alliance is to inform the citizens of Minnesota who is truly pro-liberty, and who is truly anti-liberty.


It’s safe to say that Republican Senate Majority Leader, Paul Gazelka, is anti-liberty. 


Over the years, Gazelka has led the Minnesota Senate down a dark path of bad votes, as well as a path of not standing up when they should. Some would call Gazelka’s behavior “spineless” for someone who claims to be a conservative.


Just why is Paul Gazelka so bad? Here is our list of bad votes by Gazelka:


  • Voted FOR HF0331 (2020) - A bill to raise the age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21
  • Voted FOR HF1 (2020) - the $1.9 billion debt bill of 2020.
  • Voted FOR HF2414 (2019) - the 2019 HHS omnibus bill that raises spending by $2 Billion, while funding Planned Parenthood abortions.
  • Voted FOR SF761 (2019) - “reinsurance” bailout bill that uses taxpayer dollars to reimburse healthcare claims over $50,000. 
  • Voted FOR HF4404 (2018) - the $825 million debt bill filled with pet projects. 
  • Voted FOR SF3656 (2018) - Omnibus bill that expanded spending beyond the previously agreed upon two year budget


And MUCH more. You can check out a full list of Gazelka’s bad votes at:


So many people say they are tired of politics because politicians lie. Yet, every two and four years, they vote to re-elect the same liars that they loathe! If conservatives in the legislature want to start winning praise from voters and achieve their policy goals, they must stand up to the status quo!


This means no more bad budget votes, no more missed opportunities, and no more bowing to the radical left! The only way that Senator Gazelka can begin to redeem himself, is to tell Governor Walz that there will be absolutely no deals on his budget until he gives up his overreaching executive powers. If Walz STILL clings to his powers like the tyrant that he is, then the Senate must start firing his commissioners. 


If you would like to see Senators grow a spine, then email Senator Gazelka and send him this article. 




This is a man who is contemplating a run for Governor of Minnesota. If he wants to replace Governor Walz, then he must prove that he is in fact able to stand up to him. The people of Minnesota are ready for a true conservative leader, not another phony.