Gazelka: Stopping Government Spending To End Walz Illegal Powers Is Shortsighted

Gazelka: Stopping Government Spending To End Walz Illegal Powers Is Shortsighted

Yes, he’s saying this as a supposed “conservative” candidate for governor.


In an interview with Alpha News, former Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka states how it was shortsighted to push for a government shutdown over issues such as emergency powers repeal. The truth is, it’s short-sighted to not fight tooth and nail to repeal his powers once and for all. 


In 2020, Tyrant Tim illegally and unconstitutionally took over the state government and crowned himself king. He locked people in their homes under threats of arrest and imprisonment, closed businesses so people couldn't feed their families, and even closed churches – violating some of the most sacred rights as humans to worship.


By allowing the 2021 session to close with no change to chapter 12 of MN State Statutes, Walz can do this all over again.


The Republican held Senate was supposed to be a thorn in Walz’ side. They were supposed to hold up the state government until they got everything that they promised their constituents during the 2020 election. Instead, voters got another spending increase.


Gazelka was the most powerful Republican in the state legislature and is now courting conservative delegates in an attempt to win the GOP endorsement for governor. Yet he cannot even commit to giving conservatives a seat at the bargaining table?


Even after all the wreckage from Walz' lockdowns, Gazelka is still saying it's better to have Walz with emergency powers than to shut down the Minnesota State Government.


It’s only a matter of time before Tyrant Tim Walz uses his powers to shut down our state again. Of course, spineless Republicans oppose any and all efforts to hold Tyrant Tim Walz accountable.


What about you? Do you support Impeaching Governor Walz? If so, we need your help to make it a reality.


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