Gazelka Tells Voters He Is The Most Conservative Candidate For Gov; Here’s Why He’s Wrong:

Gazelka Tells Voters He Is The Most Conservative Candidate For Gov; Here’s Why He’s Wrong:

Senator Paul Gazelka appeared in an interview with Alpha News on Tuesday to discuss his campaign for Governor of Minnesota. In his typical fashion, he tried to portray himself as the most conservative candidate for the job. Here’s why he’s wrong:


  • Never Again


Representative Mortensen’s Never Again Bill is the ONLY piece of legislation that removes the Governor’s ability to declare an executive emergency. This proposal ensures that what happened in 2020 can truly never happen again.


Several candidates for Governor have already signed the hugely popular “Never Again Pledge”. By signing, candidates promise to make Representative Mortensen’s Never Again Bill their first priority upon entering office. Unfortunately, Gazelka did not join the more conservative candidates in this regard.


Senator Gazelka has REFUSED to sign on to this pledge, and even refused to hear the senate version of the bill while he was Majority Leader. If he didn’t support the legislation in the senate, he would not as Governor. 


  • Tax Increases


Gazelka walks around like he’s the most fiscally responsible politician in the state. He claims that he “held the line” against tax and spending increases. Unfortunately for him and Minnesotans, he is dead wrong. 


When it comes to taxes, Gazelka forgets about a key tax that has been detrimental to Minnesota’s healthcare industry. This 2% tax on healthcare providers, hospitals, surgical centers and wholesale drug distributors passed costs down to people like you! Originally passed in 2011 with a sunset clause, Republicans renewed this tax in 2020.


Fellow gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen actually AUTHORED the re-upped tax on Minnesotans, which Gazelka ultimately supported. Read more here


  • Empty Promises to Hold AG Ellison Accountable


Attorney General Keith Ellison has acted as Tyrant Tim Walz’ right hand man when it comes to antagonizing small businesses. After Walz issued the edict to force mom-and-pop shops on main street to close, Keith Ellison ensured that any dissenters were fined and jailed.


This kind of bullying should not have been tolerated by any legislative leader at the Capitol. After pressure from grassroots activists, Senator Gazelka released a video in December of 2020 threatening to defund the Attorney General’s Office for his bullying.


However, it turns out that Gazelka was all talk and no action. In July of 2021, Gazelka actually agreed to INCREASE the Attorney General’s budget by 17%! Why is this supposed “conservative” rewarding Keith Ellison for his mob tactics against small businesses?


Check Out The Full Story Here


  • Failure To Pass School Choice


During the 2021 budget negotiations, Senate Republicans came out swinging on the issue of passing school vouchers. Considering that they had full control of the Senate, they had some serious influence at the bargaining table.


The initial vouchers proposal would take a portion of tax dollars and put them into a fund that's directly available for parents to use for private school tuition. This would have given parents real choice when it comes to schooling for their children.


Instead of demanding what they promised their constituents, Senate Republicans led by Paul Gazelka gave up on giving children a better choice in schooling and instead increased public school funding by 2.45%. Keep in mind these are the same public schools that kept children at home via zoom, demanded masks, and are now demanding mandatory vaccines for staff. 

Read More Here


As you can see, Senator Paul Gazelka is good at making promises, but bad at keeping them. This isn’t even an exhausted list of his failures!


A true conservative would pass the Never Again Bill, stop ALL tax increases, defund corrupt government agencies, and stand up for our children in schools.


Next time you see him on the campaign trail touting his phony conservative credentials, feel free to ask him about any one of these issues that he dropped the ball on.