Government Employees Freed From Walz’ Vax Mandate

Government Employees Freed From Walz’ Vax Mandate

Pictured: Former Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty (left) and current DFL Governor Tim Walz (right) receiving the covid-19 vaccine. (CBS News)

Employees for the State of Minnesota will no longer be required to receive weekly covid tests in lieu of a vaccine. The mandate came down from Governor Walz’ administration in September of 2021.


Workers who refused the controversial vaccine or endless nose-swabbing were placed under disciplinary action up to and including termination from their job. 


The end of this mandate comes as the country seemingly moves on from the covid-19 pandemic, overshadowed by the loss of jobs, businesses, and years worth of education. DFLers who championed the lockdown and mandate policies of 2020 and 2021 would likely rather memories of these actions fade from the mind of voters. 


The thing is, workers who were subjected to this vax mandate won’t forget – especially the nurses, truck drivers, and troops who were left out to dry by these mandates. Health freedom is still an important issue, and is still on the ballot this November.