Government Tracking To Tax Your Mileage!

Government Tracking To Tax Your Mileage!

Legislators started the 2019 session facing a massive $4 Billion budget surplus. That hasn't stopped them from trying to cram tax hikes on regular Minnesotans at the pump.

Taxing Timmy (Gov. Tim Walz) pushed out his scheme to take more from Minnesotans by increasing the Gas Tax by a whopping 70%, or another 20 cents per gallon. This would raise the costs on hardworking families just trying to get to work by hundreds of dollars in gas expenses.

Gas prices have already been on the rise in recent time and these politicians are bent on saddling even more burdens on the people.  

Since cars are becoming more fuel efficient and every day there are more electric vehicles hitting our roads, Rep Raymond Dehn (DFL – Minneapolis) has a different idea: tax people on their mileage. Dehn introduced a bill (HF 1146) that authorizes MnDOT to conduct a study on phasing in a mileage tax to the current system of automobile taxation.

But how will the government know how many miles we’ve driven?

According to Rep Dehn, a government imposed GPS tracker will be attached to your every move driving through an app on our phones! This would hook into government systems to track every mile you log.

Rep Dehn assures privacy advocates that the data would be kept private for only tax purposes. Although, like most other privacy invasions by government, once a program is established, its scope usually increases over the years as legislators take advantage of the government’s new capabilities.

Government intrusions can be averted by pushing back on these Orwellian policies. One thing politicians hate is hearing from angry voters. You can reach out to legislators by CLICKING HERE and telling them you oppose this insane policy. 

The good thing is that these taxing schemes aren't very popular once people find out about them. So with a little effort, they can be defeated. Let's KILL THE BILL!


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