Gun Control Advocate Scott Jensen Running For Governor

Gun Control Advocate Scott Jensen Running For Governor

Former State Senator and physician Scott Jensen has announced that he is running for governor of Minnesota. Jensen served in the State Senate for a single term, voluntarily stepping down before he gained national attention for criticizing Governor Walz’ job-crushing executive orders. 


In his press release, Jensen announces that he is excited to restore hope and freedom across the state of Minnesota. Unfortunately, his record in the Senate tells a different story. 


In 2018, Senator Jensen signed on to a DFL sponsored gun control bill. At the time, Jensen said he supports universal background checks on handguns and “assault weapons”. You can check out his anti-gun quote here


Senator Jensen was called out by pro-liberty groups as well as the constituents from his conservative district. He only removed his name from the legislation after he was embarrassed by liberty-lovers.




How can you trust Scott Jensen to protect your second amendment rights as Governor if he won’t even protect them in the State Senate?


When you dig deeper into his record in the Senate, it only gets worse. Scott Jensen refused to bring forth a resolution to end Walz’ emergency powers.


Jensen had a resolution ready to introduce, but refused to fight tooth and nail to ensure it was heard. When confronted on the fact that he could suspend the rules, Jensen laughed and ran away!




Scott Jensen could have suspended the rules and forced a vote on his resolution to strip Walz of his job-killing powers. Why didn’t he?


Because RINO Senator Paul Gazelka told him no. 

Minnesota doesn’t need a lapdog for party leadership as governor. Minnesota needs a leader. If Scott Jensen is to mount a successful bid for his party’s nomination, he’ll need to reassure the conservatives in his party that he will stand on principle, not on orders from RINOs.