Walz Impeachment Commandeering Charge Upheld at MN Supreme Court

Walz Impeachment Commandeering Charge Upheld at MN Supreme Court

Even though Tyrant Tim Walz is trying to make everyone forget about his job-crushing executive orders in 2020 and 2021, businessowners won’t forget. On Wednesday, the Minnesota Supreme Court put another nail into the coffin for Walz’ political career.


In a case of a Business Owner, Carvin Buzzel, versus the State of Minnesota, the plaintiff asserts that Walz’ COVID-19 response constituted the government “commandeering” his property. While the Court of Appeals had initially sided with Walz, the Supreme Court of Minnesota sent the case back to its initial jurisdiction. Buzzel will now be required to prove that he did not have control of his property.


Countless businessowners from across the state will argue that their property was commandeered by Walz. With the stroke of a pen, he ordered businesses, churches, and schools to close without input from the Minnesota Legislature.


This case is only further grounds for impeachment against Walz, as shown in HR 2 in the Minnesota House.


Article IV alleges that Walz violated Minnesota Statutes, section 12.34, subdivision 2: “the owner of commandeered property must be promptly paid just compensation for its use and all damages done to the property while so used for emergency management purposes.”


Walz’ executive orders were reckless at best. If you agree, then sign the Official Impeachment Petition below: