Impeachment is Coming

Impeachment is Coming


Dear Friend,

It is a miracle that our State still stands.

Governor Tim Walz has done everything he can to tear it down, from exponential tax and spending increases to forced lockdowns.

In fact, the legislature just rubber stamped another month of his special powers, despite members of his own party turning against him.

Your North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) has been doing everything possible to support the patriots who stand in defiance of “Tyrant” Tim Walz and his St. Paul cronies.

Where have the "conservatives" in the state senate been?

Enthusiastically supporting Walz’ political bribes to quietly appease struggling business owners.

Even when they truly know that the best “stimulus” for business owners would be to open the economy and let Minnesotans earn an honest living.

Crumbs won’t fix the heavy hand of the government barring legal businesses from making a living.

Our state's economy is crumbling as “Tyrant” Tim Walz’ cronies are trying to throw business owners in jail for simply feeding their families!

Gov. Walz is out of control, and it’s clear he won’t release his iron grip on our livelihoods until he’s booted out of office!

So in just a moment, I’m going to ask you to step up and support the full-scale effort to impeach Walz.


Impeachment is much more than just “talk”.

You see, NSLA is working closely with the most conservative Representatives and Senators to roll out the formal impeachment this month.

Together, we are drafting the articles of impeachment against Tyrant Tim Walz right now.

Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen is all-in to bring these articles of impeachment to the legislature floor and whip the votes to get it passed..

You and I both know the liberals won’t let Walz go down without a fight.

But, if Minnesota patriots hold their politicians' feet to the fire, even soft conservatives and staunch liberals must bend before the voters’ will.

That means generating a tidal wave of calls, rallies, letters, and emails blasted into their offices! I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of Minnesota patriots taking action -- a record breaking avalanche.

This is a high bar, but with all the work you and I have put in, it’s within reach.

Your North Star Liberty Alliance is on the verge of the largest grassroots campaign in our history to formally impeach and remove Governor Timothy J. Walz.

But Impeachment only works if Patriots like you choose to act.

So please join this fight at once, crank up the heat on your politicians to back the Walz Impeachment: sign the petition to Impeach Walz right away!

When you sign, be sure to send the petition to everyone you know.

Friend, you may think that impeachment is a bar that’s set too high.

Even in the legislature, many conservatives lack the spine to take action on impeachment without a swift kick to their hineys. And staunch liberals won’t budge unless they have to.

But when your Alliance barrels into each office with tens of thousands petitions signed by their voters DEMANDING that they vote to impeach Walz, the politicians will have no choice but to act…

...or face the wrath of their own voters at the ballot box.

Your Alliance is ready to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make impeachment happen -- in fact we’ve already gathered tens of thousands of petitions -- but this fight requires all hands on deck.

This is the time when your loved ones, coworkers, and church members need to take action in a way they never have before, and signing the Impeach Walz petition is the most effective thing they can do right now!

So please, sign the petition to IMPEACH WALZ at once!

And if you’ve already signed, please send this petition to every person you can! This fight requires pulling all the stops.

You see, after nearly a full year of lockdowns the state is starting to turn against Walz.

Jane and Larvita are two notable examples of patriot who stood up to Walz. They’re keeping their businesses open and booming despite the governor’s illegal orders.

If Radical Attorney General Keith Ellison had it his way, both employers would be locked up forever.

In fact… he’s trying his best to throw them in jail now!

But, Jane and Larvita are fighting tooth and nail in court just to keep their legal businesses open.

Gov. Walz and his cronies demand your compliance, even when it violates the science, and they refuse to give up their hold on power.

Walz must be impeached and booted form office NOW before he causes any more damage.

So please, step up and sign the petition to IMPEACH WALZ at once, then forward it to everyone you know!

And if you’ve already signed please help us get build the pressure in every corner of Minnesota by pitching in $100 or $50 to fund our statewide impeachment effort.

Friends, nobody was willing to step up and fight Walz before, but thanks to liberty-lovers like yourselves the tide is shifting.

Just this November, voters gave the boot to radical liberals across the state, like one of the worst-offending liberals we’ve told you all about in past messages -- Brad Tabke.

Today, Brave patriot business-owners Larvita and Jane are taking a stand against the tyrannical and illegal orders coming from our own elected officials -- even at the risk of prison time.

And in just days, liberty champion Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen will take the oath of office, fill his seat in the state house, and roll out the articles of impeachment against Governor Walz.

Impeachment WILL be passed if the patriots of Minnesota are behind it.

So please, sign the petition to IMPEACH WALZ at once, then forward it to every conservative you know!

And if you’ve already signed and sent this petition to every patriot on your contact list, then please pitch in $100 or $50 to fund our statewide impeachment effort.

Think about all the harm to come to Minnesotans if we do not get this done.

Walz and his liberal friends in the legislature have been very excited to pass exponential new taxes and spending.

After he has caused all the destruction he can, he’ll cover up his tracks with government handouts.

Don’t let it happen.

If you are as enthusiastic about stopping Walz as I am, be sure to sign our petition, and consider a generous donation to help our efforts come to fruition.

Sign the petition to IMPEACH WALZ NOW

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Thank you for keeping us on the front lines in this fight.
We won’t let you down.

For Freedom,

Bill Paulsen