Join The Grassroots Impeachment Team!

Join The Grassroots Impeachment Team!

Impeaching a sitting government official is not something to take lightly. It is, however, sometimes necessary.


After careful consideration and discussions with elected officials, The North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) has determined that a grassroots effort to impeach Governor Walz MUST happen.


Minnesota has been ruled by executive order for more than 11 months. In that time, the legislature’s constitutionally designated role to create legislation has been swept to the side. Walz has used his self-anointed power to infringe upon our rights as a free people. 


Early this year, NSLA activated its largest campaign EVER by sending letters to voters statewide, informing them of the need to impeach Governor Walz for his tyrannical behavior. 


NSLA has been talking with elected officials to find their official stance on impeachment. It appears that a few of them might need some political pressure to do the right thing. 


This is where your help is needed. 


We’ve been working with patriots across the state, encouraging them to write letters to their local papers in support of impeaching Walz, and applying pressure to their local State Representative. 


If Representatives receive enough pressure from voters, they HAVE to vote to impeach. 


Are you ready to join the Grassroots Impeachment Team? 




We’ll reach out to give you the help and resources you need to make sure your voice is heard. 


After you sign up, I ask that you share this article with everyone you can! I’m ready to put in the hard work to ensure that Walz sees the political justice he has coming for him, and I know you feel the same. 


Consider donating to the North Star Liberty Alliance to help us promote our efforts to impeach Governor Walz, and ensure that this fight continues until it’s won.