Justice Must be Served: Impeach Walz Now

Justice Must be Served: Impeach Walz Now

How far would you go to protect your business, customers, and family? This is the question Larvita Mcfarquhar had to ask herself when the Sheriff's Deputy confronted her last week. 

After boldly defying the Governor’s illegal shutdown orders, and facing threats of fines and jail time from the Attorney General’s office, Larvita spoke up for her livelihood. She did not stop when the state unjustly revoked her food handling permit, and she won’t stop now. 

Larvita should be an example for struggling business owners everywhere. Minnesotans have had enough of heavy-handed government telling them how to be safe. Fortune reports that as of September, nearly 100,000 businesses nationwide have sunk, with many more on the way. If the radical leftists in St Paul have their way, our state economy will be far beyond repair. 

Governor Walz and Attorney General Ellison must be held accountable for enforcing their illegal and unconstitutional executive orders. Fighters like Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen have already committed to sponsoring articles of impeachment against the Governor. Is your representative on board?


Call or email your representative NOW! Ask them to pledge their support to impeaching Walz when the legislature meets in January.