Legislators Should Ignore Mandate; Stand For Constituents

Legislators Should Ignore Mandate; Stand For Constituents

Representative Erik Mortensen (above) defying the House Mask Mandate on his first day in office

Before we know it, Speaker Hortman will gavel in the 2022 Legislative Session at the Capitol. Unfortunately, she and her DFL colleagues have made it much more difficult for voters to interact with their legislators.


A few weeks ago, Speaker Melissa Hortman (Brooklyn Park - DFL) announced that the Minnesota House will continue to operate under Covid guidelines through the end of 2022 session. This means that legislators are required to wear masks, and voters are not allowed in the State Office Building.


Voters across the state of Minnesota are fired up against President Biden’s vaccine mandate, which is being supported by Governor Tim Walz. Thanks to Hortman, voters will be unable to show up at legislators offices and make their voices heard.


The Biden/Walz Covid-19 vaccine mandate officially takes effect on January 4th of 2022, but many employers have already begun firing employees for exercising their medical freedom. 


Thankfully, there are some who will stand up to this condescending leftist rule. Representative Erik Mortensen took to Twitter on October 23rd  to announce that he would not comply with Hortman’s mandate.



More legislators need to refuse this mask mandate and actually stand up for voters who stand to lose their jobs because of the Biden/Walz vaccine mandate. It’s clear that the DFL is fine with keeping legislative offices closed because they know they stand to face electoral backlash.


Now is your time to hold your elected leaders accountable. Call AND email your State Representative at the link below, and tell them to stand against Speaker Hortman’s ridiculous rules that only stand to silence voters.