Legislators Will Try To Spend Your Surplus

Legislators Will Try To Spend Your Surplus

After releasing some pretty disheartening numbers on Minnesota’s budget deficit last year, Walz’ Minnesota Management and Budget Office (MMB) just announced that there is now a $1.6 billion surplus. 


If you’ve been keeping up with our articles over the past few months, you’ll know that there never was a budget deficit. This $1.6 billion surplus, however, is larger than many would have anticipated. Don’t expect to get that money back, though.


Despite overtaxing the people of Minnesota again, it appears that Walz and his friends in the legislature will try and direct these funds towards more pet projects. 


Perhaps Walz will direct even more money towards his mass surveillance program, or maybe Republicans will give more bailout money to the City of Minneapolis


The truth is, regardless of what party they belong to, legislators are always looking to spend your money. 


Senate Republicans pledge for “no new taxes” is NOT enough. Taxes must be cut. A few years back, Minnesota was rated in the top 5 states for the highest tax burden in the nation. Since then, only more and more taxes have been proposed. 


Walz’ new proposal for this biennium would raise tax revenues by an estimated $1.6 billion. His administration claims that these taxes are just on the richest of Minnesotans, but he’s dead wrong. 


Even the left-leaning Minnpost admits that this proposal does more than tax “the rich”. If Walz wants to drive families and businesses out of the state, then that is one of the few things he is doing well. 


You and I must demand that the Republican Senate draw a line in the sand. No deals on any kind of radical budget proposal. 


Call Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, and tell him to not let Governor Walz get away with his radical tax and spend proposals. While you’re at it, tell him that “no new taxes” isn’t enough! Taxes must be cut!


CALL PAUL GAZELKA - 651-296-4875


If grassroots patriots like yourself stand up to fiscal irresponsibility, we can force legislators to keep their promises and say no to government waste.