Why Won’t The Legislature End Walz’ Powers?

Why Won’t The Legislature End Walz’ Powers?

Have you noticed this odd trend?

Big-box stores remain wide-open while small businesses are closing left and right.

Larvita certainly has, and she’s doing something about it. She is refusing to comply.

As a mother of four hungry kids and owner of a restaurant, Haven’s Garden, Larvita already has her hands full.

And the quest of the Governor’s goons to bar her doors shut hasn’t made things any easier

In case you have been living under a rock, Walz has been running Minnesota by royal decree for most of the year.

His latest executive order banned dine-in service for bars and restaurants. 

Walz thinks he has the power to run Larvita’s business for her. To tell her what risks she can and can’t take. To restrict an entire state from choosing how to get its food.

Walz simply acted like he had the power and expected everyone to fall in line.

Larvita refuses.

She refuses to comply and explains that Walz’s action is “unlawful and unconstitutional”. 

Larvita opened her restaurant in rejection of the Governor's executive order.

Government bullies ordered Larvita to shut down. They revoked her food license and they’re demanding she pay fees for them to inspect her restaurant even further.

And now she is facing hefty fines, prison time, and the government goons are eager to arrest her. All for operating a legal business.

“Tyrant” Tim Walz and his cronies expected business owners like Larvita to roll over and let them rule by executive order. 

Now they expect her to back off with threats of imprisonment!

But instead Minnesota patriots are rallying to Larvita’s side and fighting back. They are refusing to comply with unconstitutional orders.

Jane, the owner of Boardwalk Bar and Grill in East Grand Forks, plans to open on Wednesday -- a direct rejection of Gov. Walz’s executive order. 

More businesses plan to open up with her. And even more on Friday. 

The resistance to Tim Walz’s reign is picking up major attention from Minnesota news outlets, and even national news channels like Fox News. 

But here’s the kicker, your Minnesota legislators are plugging their ears as they march to St. Paul for another Special Session.

Yet another renewal of Walz’ emergency powers needs a legislative vote, but I fear our representatives will not stand with us against Walz.

Earlier this year the measure to END Walz’ peacetime emergency powers passed the Senate 36 to 31!

But now they’re waffling. 

Not a single Minnesota Senator, Republican or DFL, has committed to vote against Walz’ emergency powers.

Even the conservative members are selling out to the establishment. They’re writing Walz a blank check to run roughshod over your rights. 

When so many Minnesotans are rising up to fight back against government tyranny, why are your elected officials warming the benches?

Pick up the phone and demand that your Senators commit to END Walz’ emergency powers at this special session. 

Use that link above to plug in your address and get the phone number for each legislator that represents you. Then contact them right away!

The good news is, this upcoming session is not the end of the line.

North Star Liberty Alliance’s voter information campaign reached hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans this year, and Conservative candidates knocked off a lot of liberal incumbents.

Those fresh conservatives take office in January and Alliance staff members are already seeing cause for celebration.

Incoming Representative Erik Mortensen plans to drop Impeachment papers against Gov Walz as soon as he’s sworn-in.

And insiders informed your Alliance that new legislators will support Ending Walz’ emergency powers, Impeaching Walz for his cold-hearted and unconstitutional executive orders, and getting Minnesota back to business in January.

You see, Walz is so far-gone he even wants to cancel Christmas

He’s planning new lockdowns to run through the holidays. Because Walz believes he knows what’s best for you and your family.

Americans can handle themselves safely and responsibly without government bullies treating them like cattle. 

And crucially, the Constitution recognizes that we the people have the ultimate power and authority over how we conduct our personal business.

Why won’t your sitting Senators call out Gov. Walz for violating this fundamental principle of American government?

Call or email your elected officials right away and demand they vote to End Walz’ emergency powers!

I fear that without patriots like you discipling the Senate they’ll backslide into following Gov Walz’s every word.

But every vote closer we get towards putting a stop to Gov. Walz this session builds more momentum for January when conservative reinforcements arrive.

And with patriot business owners like Larvita, Jane, and so many more standing up to fight back, the snowball is already rolling downhill and picking up speed.

Walz wants to cancel Christmas. We should cancel Walz instead.

Use this link to call your elected officials at once and demand they hold Walz accountable!