Republican Rep. Marion O’Neill Denies Being For Fake End Powers Bill; Votes Don’t Lie

Republican Rep. Marion O’Neill Denies Being For Fake End Powers Bill; Votes Don’t Lie


Straight out of Denial-ville, Republican Representative Marion O’Neill is making Pinocchio blush and telling people some whoppers. And worse yet, there’s undeniable proof she’s lying. But should we expect anything less from these politicians who will do or say anything to get re-elected?


Career Politician, Republican Representative Marion O’Neill, is on her 5th Term in office slated to be there for a decade - TEN YEARS! Desperate to hold onto her power, she’s off telling lies to people. 


As reported by our friends at Action 4 Liberty HERE, Republican Representative Marion O’Neill has been put on the Subcommittee on Legislative Process Reform. This committee is trying to “reform” Chapter 12 which has the section Walz cites for his illegal and unconstitutional edicts of Emergency Powers. Rather than doing what they should do -- outright Ending Emergency Powers.


These politicians are playing right into the hands of the enemy by looking at giving them a cover bill. If they pass a Fake End Emergency Powers bill, these people will run around town saying they did something when in actuality they just made the Powers permanent. They allow these politicians off the hook, and we cannot let them get away with it. 


Statute 12.31 subdivision 2 reads:


Declaration of peacetime emergency. (a) The governor may declare a peacetime emergency. A peacetime declaration of emergency may be declared only when an act of nature, a technological failure or malfunction, a terrorist incident, an industrial accident, a hazardous materials accident, or a civil disturbance endangers life and property and local government resources are inadequate to handle the situation.”

This is where all the shutdowns garbage emanates. Walz cites 12.31 as his authority - wrongly of course - to tell people they can’t have Thanksgiving with their family threatening to toss people into jail. This guy is off his rocker. 


Now any sane person would conclude we have to End Emergency Powers outright so this nightmare never revisits us. Not round some edges making Walz’ powers permanent. But what are the weak Republicans doing? They are positioning to sell us out!


Not only that, but they already did! (with the exception of a few genuine fighters)


Rep. Marion O’Neill already did.


If you remember, Republicans FAILED to bring forward a vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers in November 2020 after doing so for five straight months. This after just promising to do so throughout the entire election. These politicians are saying one thing to get elected and then betraying people afterward as we are all too familiar.


So instead, on November 12th, 2020, after the election, REPUBLICANS stabbed liberty lovers in the back by pushing and voting for HF19 that did not end the powers at all. You can see Representative Marion O’Neill's and everyone’s vote HERE and pictured below here:


As you can see in the full vote, a few Republicans voted against this thing on principle including Rep. Steve Drazkowski and Rep. Jeremy Munson. 


As Action 4 Liberty points out, if this reform is so good for us, why on Earth would Walz sign it? And if we have a vote to do something, why wouldn’t we vote to repeal this outright and End Emergency Powers?! 


This trash bill shows it and you can read the language for yourself. In fact, it says merely the same thing as before but that they can curtail some lockdown rules rather than doing the right thing and Ending his Emergency Powers outright. See the language here:


Here’s a link to the bill if you want a closer look: 


The North Star Liberty Alliance (NSLA) has obtained an email sent from Rep. O’Neill where she denies up and down that she is working on a Fake End Walz’ Emergency Powers bill and trying to make them permanent. However, you can see right here on the subcommittee’s website the purpose for them meeting - which starts on January 22nd, 2021 is:


“Review of Executive Orders issued by Governor Walz during the Peacetime Emergency.”


Now if that isn’t enough, these politicians talked about it openly on the House floor on Monday, January 11th, 2021 when they were debating a real End Walz’ Emergency Resolution and you can hear and watch it for yourself. (they begin talking about it at about 24:05) 


So not only is Rep. Marion O’Neill lining up to stab us in the back but she ALREADY DID in November. Votes don’t lie. 


Struggling business owners have NO INTEREST in political theater. It’s time the legislature take a stand and end Walz’ powers. We need to demand a clean vote, none of this Fake End Emergency Powers garbage.


The longer they let this go on, the longer Walz gets away with destroying Minnesota’s economy for years to come. Help us make sure Walz learns his lesson.


Put your name to the petition to hold Walz accountable by Impeaching him. We are prepared to drop off the tens of thousands of petitions in support of impeachment at the Capitol. Is your name on the list?



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