Massive Business Closures From Walz' Forced Lockdowns Harming Minnesotans

Massive Business Closures From Walz' Forced Lockdowns Harming Minnesotans

The immoral and illegal lockdowns unilaterally enacted by Governor Tim Walz have destroyed Minnesota’s small business economy. 


The StarTribune compiled a list of nearly 100 restaurants that closed this year, noting that there are many, many more that were not included. Check out their list here.


In addition to closures, there are countless numbers of businesses owners that were bullied by Walz and radical Attorney General Keith Ellison for bravely standing up and opening their businesses. These left-wing bullies went as far as demanding any proceeds made without their explicit approval. 


Walz apologists will say that the lockdowns are necessary in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


What would Walz’ friends say to the states of Wisconsin, and South Dakota?


With a similar population density, Wisconsin has implemented fewer COVID restrictions than Minnesota, and has seen fewer deaths. As of writing, the Wisconsin General Assembly is likely to vote to repeal the state’s mask mandate


South Dakota never entered a state of emergency, and their economy is thriving


It’s time for Minnesota to take the hint, and open up our economy. The bullying from Minnesota’s chief executive MUST come to an end. 


Walz must face justice for his executive overreach that has put all Minnesota bars and restaurants in jeopardy. 


Luckily, there are those in the legislature that agree. Representative Erik Mortensen has submitted Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz, and will get a vote in the coming weeks. 



Is your state representative on board? Ask them!




Use the link above to contact your legislators, and tell them to impeach Walz!


It comes down to a few representatives in the state house. Will they let you down? Make sure they understand how serious this is, by signing the petition to impeach Walz. 




Use the link above to sign the petition. When we reach our signature goal, these petition signatures will be printed and hand delivered to the holdouts in the state legislature. 


Every name on the petition is one more name your legislator has to read when they weigh out their decision on impeachment.


After you sign, send this petition to everyone you know! It is up to you and I to make sure our voices are heard in St. Paul.


Together, we can use the constitutional process to send Walz packing.