MDH Creates Vaccine Passports

MDH Creates Vaccine Passports

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced their new “Docket app” on Wednesday as a way of keeping track of their immunization records. This app is being launched in anticipation of several venues across the state mandating proof of vaccination for service.


The creation of this app allows businesses an easy excuse to implement proof of vaccination status at the door. Even if it means turning away individuals for vital services. 


North Star Liberty Alliance has been on the front lines against moves like this for some time now. Though the liberty-grassroots activists in Minnesota are motivated to fight back against attacks on medical freedom, lazy legislators in St. Paul have little to offer. 


It appears that both Governor Walz and supposed “conservatives” in the legislature are content with the idea that families may soon be denied access to food at their local grocery store, because they fail to provide their “license to live”. 


This is unacceptable. Legislators who talk the talk on protecting medical freedom must now walk the walk.


Representative Erik Mortensen is leading the charge against vaccine mandates in Minnesota by preparing a “stop vaccine mandates” amendment for the upcoming special legislative session.


If passed, this amendment would stop employers, businesses, bars and restaurants from requiring proof of vaccination in order to utilize their services. This amendment would even prevent President Biden’s vaccine mandate from being enforced!


Call your legislators NOW, and demand they sign the pledge to support Representative Mortensen’s amendment. The pledge can be found here.