Miller Gives Up On Holding Malcolm Accountable

Miller Gives Up On Holding Malcolm Accountable

Image obtained from StarTribune

The buzz surrounding the potential upcoming special session has only grown louder in recent weeks. Lawmakers have discussed how to allocate the $250 million in federal taxpayer dollars which has been handed to the Minnesota government for alleviating frontline workers. This special session will allegedly determine how these funds are allocated; Though there are several items on everyone's agenda.


Along with calls for a special session comes North Star Liberty Alliance members who demand accountability for the overreaching Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, as well as calls to stop vaccine mandates in Minnesota.


Republicans carry a slim majority in the Minnesota Senate, which allows them to remove Walz’ commissioners with a simple majority vote. Despite being a powerful tool to hold Tyrant Tim Walz accountable, it appears that they will not use it.


As of Tuesday, it appears that Republican Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller is willing to let Jan Malcolm off the hook…


That’s right, Miller announced that he has talked to Malcolm and is willing to let her keep her job. He knows just as well as you and I that Malcolm was responsible for telling Governor Walz to shut down businesses and implement mask mandates.


Worse yet, she can still do A LOT of damage in her position. Did you see that she wants universal masking in our children's classrooms?


This special session has yet to be called, so there is still time to put pressure on Senator Miller to change his mind. Contact him NOW and tell him to fire Jan Malcolm for her extreme government overreach. 


Senator Jeremy Miller - SD 28


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