Minneapolis Bailout Killed By Handful of DFLers

Minneapolis Bailout Killed By Handful of DFLers

DFLers in St. Paul lamented the failure of their Minneapolis bailout bill on Monday. House File 445 sought to create a $35 million state fund to reimburse local governments for providing mutual aid during “unplanned or extraordinary public safety events.”


Though it’s not explicitly stated, this is an obvious attempt to give the city of Minneapolis money to pay for the destruction caused by riots last summer. 


In a press conference, Speaker Melissa Hortman revealed that they didn’t have the votes to pass the bill in the house, where DFLers currently have a 70-64 majority. When pressed, Hortman admitted that a few members of the DFL caucus would likely vote against the bill, causing it to fail on the floor


This is excellent news for fiscal conservatives everywhere, but don’t go thanking anyone just yet. 


If those few unnamed DFLers are willing to vote against their caucus on this bill, then surely they can muster the courage to vote against Walz’ emergency powers. 


Minnesota has been under Walz’ tyrannical reign for over 11 months now. There have been several attempts to repeal his powers, and now patriots everywhere have proof that it can be done. 


The team at the North Star Liberty Alliance believes these 6 DFL legislators are the most likely to flip their votes. Give them a call AND an email and tell them that Walz needs to be held accountable. 


Rep Paul Marquart - 701-371-1949 - [email protected]

Rep Gene Pelowski - 507-458-5988 - [email protected]

Rep Julie Sandstede - 218-969-7009 - [email protected]

Rep Dave Lislegard - 218-343-7965 - [email protected]

Rep Mike Sundin - 218-391-5911 - [email protected]

Rep Rob Ecklund - 218-341-6133 - [email protected]


After you call each and every one of them, send this article to your friends and family. This battle isn’t won without your help.


Have you signed our petition to impeach Governor Walz?