Minnesota Department of Health May Implement Vaccine Passports

Minnesota Department of Health May Implement Vaccine Passports

(MDH Commissioner Jan Malcolm)

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has taken no options off the table, including the implementation of COVID-19 vaccine passports.


That’s right, on April 13th, MDH accidentally revealed part of their plan in a post on Facebook, stating that:


“We don’t know yet know [sic] if you’ll need to show proof of vaccination for things like traveling, concerts, or other activities.”

Though they don’t appear to proofread their Facebook posts before publishing, don’t be fooled. The people at MDH are the same people who pushed for you to be locked up for seeing your family last year. They can and will implement vaccine passports if given the opportunity. 


These “Licenses to Live” are a roundabout way of creating mandatory vaccines. By requiring documentation before entering public spaces, the government is infringing upon the people’s right to freely assemble. If you want the COVID-19 vaccine, you have every right to get it -- but it MUST NOT be mandatory. 


States like Florida have taken action against this kind of tyranny from arising by BANNING Licenses to Live. Why won’t Governor Walz do the same?


It’s apparent that Walz and his Department of Health are thinking about forcing these Licenses to Live on the people of Minnesota. This can and will be implemented on a statewide level. Many colleges and workplaces have already begun to require it!


The North Star Liberty Alliance is prepared to launch pressure campaigns on Licenses to Live, and the importance of protecting your rights. Help get this campaign off the ground by supporting NSLA now: