Minnesota Senate Must Fire Walz Commissioners

Minnesota Senate Must Fire Walz Commissioners

Though the 2021 special legislative session is over, the Minnesota Senate has not yet adjourned. They will be reconvening on Tuesday, the 6th. This is after the Republican Senate Majority compromised their principles and passed sweeping omnibus bills that increased the Attorney General’s budget, kept Walz’ burdensome mandates on new cars, and seemingly omitted any kind of school choice proposal.


Most notably, it appears that Republican Legislators have failed to pass Representative Mortensen’s Never Again bill, which would strip Governor Walz of his ability to unilaterally declare an executive emergency. As of writing, Walz could easily institute another peacetime “emergency” whenever he pleases.


Though Republican Senators have squandered many opportunities to hold Walz accountable, they may have one last chance. On Tuesday, The Senate will hold confirmation hearings on one or possibly more of Walz’ cabinet members. If the Senate votes against the confirmation of his commissioners, they are immediately ousted from their position in Walz’ administration.


Their prime target appears to be MN Pollution Control Agency Commissioner Laura Bishop. This is likely a move in retaliation for implementing mandates and fees on new vehicles. This is despite the fact that Republicans had the opportunity to stop these mandates as part of budget negotiations.


As long as Republicans are firing Walz commissioners, they must clean house. After they fire Laura Bishop, they must take aim against MN Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. Malcolm is one of the key figures in Walz’ cabinet that fed Minnesotans bad guidance and pushed for fines and jail time for business owners who defied Walz last year.


Senators have disappointed their constituents enough, they need to AT LEAST get this right. Before they meet on Tuesday, tell your Senator to fire Walz’ commissioners!