Anti-Liberty Legislators Press For Harmful Minnesota Version Of A Green New Deal

Anti-Liberty Legislators Press For Harmful Minnesota Version Of A Green New Deal

Radical socialism is rearing its ugly head once again at the Minnesota Capitol. 

A bill authored by State Rep. Stephenson is Minnesota’s own version of AOC’s “Green New Deal”. HF 10 - known as the “Clean Energy First Act” is an effort by radical leftists to jack up our energy bills to forward their socialist climate agenda. 

The tyrants in the legislature  aren't satisfied with the strangling regulations already placed on the shoulders of Minnesotans. RINO’s in the legislature are perfectly fine with laying down and letting hard-working Minnesotans foot the bill. 

Make no mistake, this unnecessary virtue signaling bill is not the best course of action for Minnesota.

This spin-off of the infamous “green new deal” isn’t about the environment - it’s about government control. 

More specifically, this bill:

  1. Gives the state FULL CONTROL of your local utilities company
  2. Pushes UNRELIABLE wind and solar power
  3. MANDATES price controls that threaten our free market
  4. ELIMINATES traditional and cheaper forms of power
  5. JACKS UP the price YOU pay every month

The question is, what career politician in the Minnesota legislature is qualified to dictate what’s best for the people of Minnesota?

It's not enough that the government is dictating who goes to Thanksgiving and eliminating your income, now they demand you pay high energy prices. Minnesotans are getting squeezed from all angles.

We cannot let EITHER SIDE champion this bill. Put your name to the petition we’re sending to legislators, and tell them NO to the Minnesota Green New Deal.