Walz Job Approval Plunges Below 50%

Walz Job Approval Plunges Below 50%

Did you see the news? Both President Biden and Governor Walz’ approval ratings have tanked in Minnesota. Since May of 2020, Walz’ approval rating has dropped a whopping 16 points. Then, Minnesotans seemed to trust Governor Walz’ handling of the pandemic. However, it’s clear that voters are just now learning of the atrocities that he has gotten away with over the past year.


Thanks to the efforts of groups like North Star Liberty Alliance, Minnesotans are finally starting to just how bad things got under Tyrant Tim Walz’ peacetime emergency. With his powers, he shut down businesses, churches, schools and more. He forced masks on our faces, and put covid-positive patients into long-term care facilities -- The same action that got disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in trouble


Over the past year, NSLA has been hounding Walz and his illegal and unethical executive orders that destroyed our state. We have sent mailers, made ads, made phone calls, and held NSLA Town Halls, all with the purpose of educating the people about the need to Impeach Governor Walz.


Facing re-election in 2022, a 49% approval rating should be cause for alarm in the Walz campaign.


Left-wing Governor Gretchen Whitmer has seen a similar drop in approval over in Michigan. As a result, she agreed to ban mask mandates and state-sponsored vaccine passports! This likely won’t be enough to get voters to forgive her tyrannical behavior, but it is a step in the right direction.


What will Governor Walz do to try and earn his way back into the good graces of voters? Whatever it is, North Star Liberty Alliance will be ready to confront his efforts, and demand justice for the countless business owners, students, churchgoers and families who were affected by his executive edicts last year.


If you believe in the work that North Star Liberty Alliance is doing, please consider your most generous contribution to help us continue the pressure on Governor Walz. Give $5, $10, $20, or whatever you can afford!