MN Budget: Saying There Is A Deficit Is A Lie, Here's The Proof

MN Budget: Saying There Is A Deficit Is A Lie, Here's The Proof

Walz’ administration released some pretty gloomy numbers on the budget late last year. 


Those same numbers are being used to justify huge tax hikes on EVERY Minnesotan, not just the “top earners” like the media claims. 


Check out our analysis of Walz’ proposal


What if it was an elaborate lie? What if Walz and his friends are lying (again) in order to push their socialist agenda?


Unfortunately, it appears that these numbers are a lie -- yet nobody is talking about it!


You see, when the government creates a budget forecast, they ALWAYS assume that spending will increase. In this case, the forecast assumes that spending will increase by roughly 7.3%. 


The current budget is $47.6 Billion, and the forecast uses a budget estimate of $51.1 Billion.


Why do they make this assumption? Do they assume that Walz will get his way and enact his radical socialist agenda?


When you crunch the numbers using current spending, Minnesota is actually looking at a $2.9 Billion surplus! 

See the full budget for yourself. 


Add that on top of the budget reserve, currently overflowing with $1.9 Billion, and you have yourself a recipe for tax cuts!


I want to make this clear: There is only a budget deficit if politicians in St. Paul agree to increase spending!


The last thing that this locked-down economy needs is tax increases to pay for Walz’ pet projects. 


There should be absolutely no consideration for Walz’ tax increases, nor his spending increases.


There should be no consideration for ANYTHING Walz is trying to push, until his emergency powers are gone and done with. 


If he wants to legislate like a King, then he shouldn't receive any cooperation from the legislative branch. 


We all already know that Walz’ friends in the house will fall into line, so the battle comes down to the Republican controlled senate. 


We’ve seen Republicans cower down to the will of the left before. Look no further than the reinstatement of the sick tax is 2019


You and I must remind these supposed “conservatives” in the senate that they promised their constituents no new taxes. Help hold them accountable. 


Sign the Petition for No New Taxes!


Your signature is important. When we reach our signature goal, we’ll hand deliver these petitions to the legislators in St. Paul. 


When you sign, be sure to send this article and this petition to your friends and family. Walz and his radical socialist agenda MUST be stopped.