MN House Democrats Pass Reckless $7 Billion Spending Of Surplus

MN House Democrats Pass Reckless $7 Billion Spending Of Surplus

On Tuesday, The Minnesota House DFL approved a $7.36 billion supplemental budget resolution through the House Ways and Means committee. This spending bill would eat into the overtaxed $9.25 billion budget surplus.


Despite passing a budget for 2022-2023 last year, legislators appear to have an itch that only rampant spending can satisfy. These legislators try to justify their spending spree as an "investment."


This budget resolution includes $1.16 billion for failing public schools, $1 billion for frontline worker handouts, and $700 million for health and human services. This proposal passed out of committee along party lines as you could have guessed.


Minnesotans deserve to have this money back in their pockets. With skyrocketing inflation rates, grocery store food shortages, and ever-increasing gas prices, Minnesotans need the cash way more than the Government does.


There is only one proposal that suggests giving the entirety of the surplus back, and it comes from Representative Erik Mortensen. His bill, HF4642, proposes an income tax holiday for either 2021 or 2022. 


If Minnesotans opt to use their tax holiday for their 2021 taxes, they will receive a tax rebate for taxes already paid to the state. This is more useful than any kind of "investment" that the DFL offers. As of yet, it has no Senate companion bill. 


This supplemental budget resolution is expected to get a vote on the floor on Thursday. Contact your legislators and let them know that you expect them to vote no!


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