MN Teachers Union Backs Mandate For Students

MN Teachers Union Backs Mandate For Students

Following the FDA’s endorsement of vaccines for children ages 5-11 on Tuesday, Education Minnesota called on state leaders to “be bold” in mass vaccination efforts.


What does the left-wing teacher’s union mean by “bold”? That’s a good question. According to their press release from Tuesday, they believe that “All options should be on the table.”.



This appears to be an endorsement of vaccine mandates for school children in not so many words. With Governor Walz’ current “$200-per-jab” bribe for students, it should come as no surprise that the left will soon embrace mandates for a public education.


If you value health freedom and the ability to choose what you believe to be best for your children, you should pull them out of public schools immediately.


Public schooling no longer serves as a means of educating your children, but as a means to conform your children to norms set by the political elite.


Maybe school administrators will begin to wake up when they continue to see enrollment rates decline over this nonsense.