More States Fall: Vote For Gas Tax Hikes. Will Minnesota?

More States Fall: Vote For Gas Tax Hikes. Will Minnesota?

While Obama cemented in everyone’s mind that, “Elections have consequences,” taxpayers and gas consumers in Minnesota may be feeling the election pain – BIG TIME.

There is a tsunami of momentum on the side of the tax-and-spenders trying to grow the government coffers. Not only here in Minnesota but all around the country.

When there are these bills moving in other states, money-hungry politicians love to point to these places as models. They’ll use lines like, “We need to keep our infrastructure completive to attract jobs.”

You know the buzz word bingo they try to sell folks. Meanwhile, they neglect to tell you about all the waste, fraud and abuse of the taxes they have already confiscated from people.

Now, even supposedly tax-friendly red states like Alabama are falling. Just the other week, the Alabama House voted by a wide margin to hike their Gas Tax. Will Minnesota be the next?

Tim ‘the Taxman’ Walz is on a rampage in just his first couple months in office. He’s taking massive swipes at Minnesotans’ wallets from all angles.

Not only is he trying to ram through a 70% Gas Tax increase, but he’s also looking to jump vehicle registration by 20% and keep the healthcare provider tax that is set to end. The government can’t even issue tabs with the MNLARS debacle but the politicians and bureaucrats want more money.

But Minnesotans are standing up to the politicians and folks have said in recent on Facebook posts, “We’re taxed enough already. NO NEW TAXES!!!”

More and more people are joining the fight to push back against Taxman Timmy and his allies on both sides of the aisle.

Make you voice heard along with thousands of other Minnesotans to tell the politicians No New Taxes. Sign this petition to help  STOP the Gaz Tax: