Walz Slams On Another 30-Day "Emergency"

Despite the legislature being in session, and “allowing” businesses to operate at 50% capacity, Tyrant Tim Walz has slammed on ANOTHER 30-day “emergency”. 


Keep in mind, Governor Walz has NO authority to unilaterally create laws and enforce them. Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm admits that “The sun is rising on the pandemic…”, so why does Walz need at least another 30 days of this madness?


He’s admitted that he has no plans to give up his emergency powers until some of his mandates are written into law by the legislature. That’s the “compromise” he has to offer. 


This craziness has been going on since March of last year… we are coming up on the one year anniversary of “15 days to slow the spread”. 


It’s time for Walz to be honest. There IS NO EMERGENCY. He’s just looking for excuses to hold on to his unilateral, executive authority that has destroyed the Minnesota economy over the past year.


Remember when Walz issued a stay-at-home order? 

Remember when he shut down businesses twice? 

Remember when he and radical Attorney General Keith Ellison threatened to arrest people for visiting their families at Thanksgiving?


If he is allowed to keep his emergency powers, he can do it all again in a moments notice.


Help the North Star Liberty Liberty Alliance (NSLA) send a message to Walz and his friends, that this sort conduct in a free state is absolutely unacceptable. 


Representative Erik Mortensen is preparing to launch Articles of Impeachment against Walz for his conduct in office, and we need your help in making it all happen. 


If you have already signed our petition, then sign up to help volunteer with NSLA!   



Walz Has No Plans to Relinquish Emergency Powers

Have you ever heard of a politician earnestly trying to relinquish their own power? Probably not -- those with power typically don’t. 

Just a week ago on MPR, Walz admitted he has NO plans to relinquish the powers he has held since March of 2020. This makes it clear that he is giving us nothing more than lip service. Nothing short of him saying outright (from Walz, a power-hungry career politician?!) that he likes to play god with our livelihoods can convince many that Walz is on a ten-month power grab with no end in sight.

Walz is on the warpath against Minnesota small business owners but his rules apply to the people, not to himself and his buddies. An unconfirmed and very trustworthy source reports that Walz held a holiday party of his own while ignoring the mandates against gatherings that HE ordered, forcing them to sign an agreement to keep his little law-breaking merrymaking secret. 

Walz also sat on the sidelines while Minneapolis businesses burned to the ground, openly attacking peaceful homeowners.  His mishandling of police violence in Minnesota alone is reason enough that Walz should face removal, if not charges, but now he has unleashed a new kind of violence- financial and spiritual violence. 

A year ago, almost no one would have believed that a power grab such as this was possible.  Breaking the law by having Thanksgiving dinner with our families? Unable to step outside without a mask? Sorry, but you can’t worship with your church?  We would have said it was crazy: or my favorite response- “It would never happen.”

It is happening and it has happened

Nothing matters but to stop this insane path and make our own decisions and evaluate our own risks as free Minnesotans and Americans once again. Walz is a tyrannical force of divisiveness, disingenuousness, and state control through forced dependence on HIM. 

Then, he wants to hear his thankful subjects praise HIM, instead of God on Sunday, for saving them from this terrible situation- that he created. Nothing matters anymore but taking back our liberty. It becomes so difficult to decide what matters when our day-to-day lives have focused so much more on survival since Walz became a dictator.  We have lost faith in the system and in ourselves to make a difference, but I believe we can. 

Representative Mortensen has tried to introduce resolutions that will end Walz’ powers, but the DFL majority in the house won’t hear it! In order to get the message out and end the tyranny once and for all, Mortensen will introduce articles of impeachment later this month. 

 We are not all in agreement on everything, and that’s ok. But it’s high time we are all back to agreeing that we are all Minnesotans and Americans that deserve fair and reasonable leadership.  We can make a difference, and we can make our voices heard. 

We are not victims and we don’t need Walz to protect his helpless, adoring little subjects. Contact your legislator, and tell them to take a stand against Walz, and send him packing. Then, be sure to sign our petition.



Relentless Attacks On Businesses By AG Keith Ellison And The Courts

(Pictured Above) Attorney General Keith Ellison Celebrating 

Just because Walz has “allowed” businesses to open up at partially, does not mean that his radical attorney general -- Keith Ellison -- has let up at all. 


Ellison is now celebrating the fact that liberal courts have fined the Alibi Drinkery and The Interchange $3000 every day they continue to violate Walz’ orders. This is up from the $250 a day both were previously forced to pay. 


In fact, Ellison did more than celebrate the increase. He ASKED for it. 


Lisa Zarza, the owner of Alibi Drinkery, expressed disappointment and frustration with the court’s ruling:


“He’s (the judge) being pressured by the attorney general, he’s being pressured by Walz to make decisions to make us comply. It’s really hard for me to stand down because we’ve been fighting this fight for how many weeks now?”


You can watch her full statement here.


Walz and Ellison are doing everything in their power to ensure that small businesses like these will close their doors forever. 


Why do they get away with it? There are a few legislators in St. Paul who are ready to hold them accountable… so why haven’t they done anything yet?


Representative Erik Mortensen is ready to introduce our Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz later this month. We are ready to make sure he has the support he needs to hold Walz accountable, and send a message to Ellison. 


The best thing you can do now is add your name to our petition. We plan to show representatives in St Paul your signatures, and tell them that the people of Minnesota want impeachment to happen. 




As long as Walz remains in power, he can keep abusing his office and enforcing his illegal and unconstitutional executive orders. It doesn’t matter if he gives the leash around Minnesota’s economy a little slack now, because he’s ready to pull it back in a moments notice. 


Talks of this new strain of COVID-19 could give Walz the excuse he needs to send us into our next economic depression. 


Don’t let him get away with it. 



When you sign, be sure to send the petition to ALL your friends and family. We need every signature we can get to prove the importance of this task. Then, consider a donation to the cause. Anything you can spare is much appreciated!

U of M Epidemiologist Speaks Against Lockdowns; Joins Biden Admin

Is Governor Walz listening?

For close to a year now, grandstanding politicians have told us that we must listen to the scientists, and that we’re “ ...not going to get veto power over science”.


Our own governor has spoken condescendingly to the people of Minnesota regarding this “science”. It’s this same science that he has used to shut down our economy and rob business owners of their right to a livelihood. 


What if these politicians were wrong the whole time?


University of Minnesota epidemiologist Michael Osterholm has made his own independent observations, and has come to a different conclusion than our high and mighty leaders. 


In an interview with Bloomberg, Osterholm asks…


“Was it appropriate to shut down so many things back then when there was so little, if any transmission? I think you can argue now that probably was not the best use of resources …”


He goes on to say that early shutdowns created a general mistrust for the "science". Go figure!


Curiously, Osterholm will be joining the incoming-Biden administration as an advisor. Maybe he’ll talk some sense into Sleepy Joe, who has advocated for nationwide lockdowns and mask mandates. 


Dr. Osterholm is hardly the first to speak out against the lockdowns. In hindsight, many organizations and publications have come out against the science that supported locking down local economies. 


Some publications will go as far as saying that the lockdowns have been WORSE than the pandemic itself. 


It’s becoming more and more clear that shutting down our economy is perhaps the worst way to have dealt with the spread of the virus. Of course, Governor Tim Walz and his friends will never admit it. 


Tyrant Tim would rather wipe all small businesses from main street than admit he was wrong. Now, he’s going as far as trying to push his mandates into law. Creating permanent mask mandates and restrictions on bars and restaurants. 


When the riots this summer didn’t destroy enough small businesses, he sought out to finish the job himself.


Don’t let him get away with it. 


The North Star Liberty Alliance is heading up the effort to impeach Governor Walz. We would love to have you on board. 




When you sign, send the petition out to your friends and family. 


Please consider a donation to the cause, whatever you can spare is greatly appreciated. 


Things will begin heating up soon when our statewide campaign officially begins. Will you tell small businesses that you were part of the effort that sent Tyrant Tim packing?

End Powers Vote Fails Again; Republicans Pushing To Make Powers Permanent

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, politicians lied to us. During campaign season and even since, Representatives Sanstede, Lislegard, Eckland, Marquart, Sundin and Pelowski told voters and constituents they were for Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers and even voting to move to do so in the past.


Today on Jan. 11th, 2021, there was a move to take up to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. While all these politicians pay lip service to open up schools, open up businesses and such, when push comes to shove, they spit in the face of Minnesotans and VOTE NO on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. This is unacceptable


Worse yet, both parties are openly talking about pushing a Fake End Powers bill and codifying these illegal and unconstitutional edicts into law, which is FAR from ending the powers. These crooked politicians are actually working against us and trying to snow us. Don’t buy their lies.


These Emergency Powers don’t need to be “reformed”, they need to be outright ENDED. And it’s legislators like Rep. Barb Haley and other House Republicans that are leading the charge to try to sneak this through and make Walz’ Powers permanent. 


These deranged politicians even went so far as to say there hasn’t been property debate on this. What? Did we hear that right? We have had this voted on almost a dozen times and thoroughly talked through and it’s abundantly clear Minnesotans want an end to the madness.


With the failure of Republicans to get their colleagues to vote with them, they are waving the flag of surrender and trying to compromise, making Walz’ Emergency Powers PERMANENT. Republicans are angling to codify them into law forever. Unreal.


What we really need is to Impeach Walz NOW. North Star Liberty Alliance moving this forward by pushing out our statewide campaign THIS WEEK. Are you a part of the grassroots army that is making it happen? You can start by putting your name to our petition:




When you sign, please consider a donation to support our efforts.


Impeachment will certainly be difficult, but it is more than possible with the help from our grassroots army. We’ll see you on the front lines.

Rep. Mortensen Drops Bill To Stop Governors Pay During Shutdown

As we approach the one year anniversary of “15 days to slow the spread” (March 2020), it should be no surprise to anyone that Governor Walz is still clinging on to his emergency powers. 


Luckily, with the beginning of a new biennium in St. Paul, we have new legislators who are willing to fight back. Thanks to our grassroots army of activists, voters ushered liberty-champion Erik Mortensen into the Minnesota House. 


Mortensen has already caused the St. Paul establishment a great deal of headache by introducing legislation to end Walz’ emergency powers. Though his bravery is already a win for the people of Minnesota, he is not stopping there. 


Mortensen has called out supporters of Tim Walz’ lockdowns for their blatant hypocrisy. While many small business owners must forgo a salary and shut down their bars and restaurants, Governor Walz continues to collect his regular paycheck, and reside in the luxurious governor’s mansion on Summit Avenue. With his new piece of legislation, Mortensen seeks to right this injustice. 


The proposed legislation would: 


“...suspend the salary of the governor and legislators when certain orders are issued restricting the operation or conduct or private business”.


 In other words, as long as Walz and his friends in the legislature continue to cause economic chaos throughout the state, they will find themselves in a very similar situation. 


Sounds like a good deal, right?


Mortensen cannot do this alone. He must have the support from his fellow legislators in order to make it happen.


Use the link above to find out who represents you in the state legislature, and tell them to sign on to and vote for Mortensen’s bill. 


The establishment cannot avoid the will of the people forever. Make your voice heard!

Sign our Petition to Impeach Walz Now, then consider a donation to North Star Liberty Alliance to help us make it happen

Walz Pushes To Hold Legislature Hostage To Make Mandates Permanent


Governor Walz is starting to realize that the people of Minnesota have had enough of his “emergency powers”. For several months, Walz has been unilaterally writing his own laws without approval from the legislature. It’s a miracle he has made it this far without being shut down! Now, he’s putting on his best third-world dictator impersonation. 


Walz is looking to make his mandates PERMANENT. 


Walz wrote a formal letter to his pals in the legislature, asking them to write his mandates into law. With no sunset clause mentioned anywhere, it appears that Walz is looking to make Minnesotans wear masks and operate their businesses at partial capacity indefinitely. 


More specifically, Walz is looking for:


  1. MORE regulations on small businesses.
  2. MORE government handouts.
  3. FORCED mask wearing with no end in sight.
  4. FORCED rent freezes on property owners
  5. MANDATED price controls, and putting our free market in jeopardy.


He realizes that the legislature is on the verge of repealing his powers and impeaching him, so he is forcing the nuclear option.


Walz will likely threaten to hold up major legislation, and blame Republicans for not supporting his trojan horse of socialism. If the past is any indicator, Republicans will bow down and let Walz pass whatever he wants through the legislature. 


This IS NOT a drill. Walz is ADMITTING that his illegal and unconstitutional powers have no real legal standing. He NEEDS the legislature to pass his job-killing regulations into law. 


We are already hearing rumors that the senate is willing to cut deals to pass these mandates into law. 




Message Majority Leader Paul Gazelka NOW, and tell him that Minnesotans ARE DONE with Walz and his tyrannical mandates. 


Click HERE to send Gazelka a Message - Tell him NO MORE MANDATES


Governor Walz has been getting away with his tyrannical grip on our economy for far too long. If he gets his way with these mandates, Minnesota will enter an economic depression for years to come -- setting a precedent that the legislature is no longer needed to create laws. 




The North Star Liberty Alliance has spent tireless hours planning on how we can end the tyranny, and this is the only option. We cannot sit through another two years of “Tyrant” Tim Walz. We must send a message to him, and everyone in the executive branch. Minnesotans will no longer sit on the sidelines while their government destroys the lives they once knew before Walz took power. 


This is our only option. Your North Star Liberty Alliance is ready to pull our weight. We have already been in contact with some of the most conservative legislators in St. Paul who are ready to join our cause.


Will you keep us on the front lines in this fight to end tyranny in Minnesota?


Consider volunteering for the cause. 


Write a letter to your local paper! We’ll help get you started!


Sign the Petition to Impeach Walz Now!


Looking for other ways to help?


Donate Now, and Help us Spread the Word


Help us tell Governor Walz that his “One Minnesota” is ready to impeach him! If we utilize our grassroots army to get the message out to legislators, it can and will be done.


Let’s make this thing happen.

Fake News Refuses To Cover MN Speaker Hortman Violating House Rules

Did you hear that Representative Erik Mortensen introduced a resolution on Tuesday to end Walz’ illegal and unconstitutional powers? 


You didn’t? 


You can thank the fake news media. Right now, they are trying to cover for Speaker Hortman, who blatantly violated house rules just to avoid hearing Representative Mortensen’s resolution. 


The StarTribune will put out propaganda headlines like this: Concerted push to end Gov. Tim Walz's emergency powers faces steep odds at Capitol


The fake news media wants to cover for legislators who refuse to vote on ending Walz’ powers. 


In the article, they cite Hortman’s made up rule requiring 90 votes to bring up a resolution ending the lockdown. According to rule 4.30 in the house rules, bills and resolutions only need a simple majority vote to be recalled from committee. No major outlets even brought this up.


On Tuesday, the media failed to cover Hortman’s blatant violation of the rules when Mortensen tried to introduce his resolution.


Mortensen followed house rule 1.10 and submitted his resolution to the Chief Clerk more than 24 hours before the session began. Speaker Hortman and Leader Winkler then violated rule 1.11 and ruled Mortensen out of order when he tried to introduce his resolution for its first reading. 


The house majority argues that Mortensen did not submit his resolution 24 hours in advance, despite the fact we have email proof that Mortensen sent his resolution to the Chief Clerk, and followed up with house members before session began at noon on Tuesday. 

Some fellow legislators in the house stood up for Mortensen, arguing that Leader Winkler had moved to introduce several resolutions and that Mortensen should be granted the same ability.


The establishment cannot get away with shoving Mortensen under the rug forever. He’ll keep introducing his resolution until it gets a fair hearing, and a fair vote. 


If you want to see some real action, call Speaker Hortman and Rep Winkler, and ask them to give Rep Mortensen’s resolution a fair hearing!


Speaker Melissa Hortman - 651-296-4280 -


Majority Leader Ryan Winkler - 651-296-7026 -


Now that the legislature is in regular session, our grassroots supporters MUST take action on ending Walz’ powers. Call the numbers above and tell them to have a vote on ENDING Walz’ illegal orders for good. 


After you call, be sure to sign our petition to impeach “Tyrant” Tim Walz, and end his hold over the Minnesota economy for good!


Sign the Petition to Impeach Walz NOW

Walz Peddles A Longer Leash; Ready To Pull The Choke Chain

It appears “Tyrant” Tim Walz is starting to feel the pressure from the people of Minnesota. 


In an attempt to appease struggling business owners, Walz announced today that he will ease restrictions on businesses. Most notably, “allowing” bars and restaurants to seat customers at 50% capacity. 


Governor Walz can take his 50% capacity and shove it. Business owners aren’t looking for partial control of their business, they are looking for their right to fully own and operate their business! This is a slap in the face to the very principles that our nation stands for. 


Walz has attributed the partial reopen to his “pause”, forcing the lockdown of bars, restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters. He says that COVID numbers have dropped enough to justify the reopen, though provides little to no real evidence to back up his claims. 


All this means is that Walz is not ready to give up his unconstitutional emergency powers. He’s ready for another excuse to lock down the economy and kill more jobs in the process. Ask our friends across the pond, who are entering another lockdown justified by a new strain of COVID-19. 


This “longer leash” he’s putting businesses on does not give them the relief they need. Remember that Walz has been putting businesses through the wringer for the better part of a year. Hundreds of businesses around the state are gone forever, and more are likely to follow suit because of him.


When will government realize that people can live their own lives and make their own decisions?


Don’t let him get away with this illegal and immoral lockdown. 


Help us convey the message to legislators at the Capitol. Minnesotans have had enough of "Tyrant" Tim, and his overreaching orders. 


Sign the Petition to Impeach Walz Now


When you sign, be sure to send the petition to your friends and family to ensure their voices are heard. Please consider a generous donation to help our efforts in this impeachment fight. 


North Star Liberty Alliance is on the verge of a massive grassroots campaign where members will demand legislators to vote to impeach. This will be the biggest campaign we have undertaken in our history, and we would love for you to be part of it. 


Donate to the Walz Impeachment Fund Now

Mortensen Stands Up Against Establishment

Though our liberty champion -- Representative Erik Mortensen -- was officially sworn in to the legislature yesterday, he was NOT met with open arms by the establishment. 


Mortensen made a motion to hear his resolution which would end Governor Tim Walz’ emergency powers, and revoke his shutdown of the state economy. Speaker Hortman wouldn’t hear it.


Both her and Majority leader Ryan Winkler ruled Mortesen out of order, and tried to shove his resolution under the rug. Mortensen was ready for these kinds of shenanigans and appealed Speaker Hortman’s ruling. Fellow Republican legislators stood with him and against Hortman. 


When it came down to it, DFLers who had voted against Walz’ emergency powers previously FLIPPED THEIR VOTES. Representatives Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin all voted AGAINST hearing Mortensen’s resolution, causing it to fail on the floor.


When their votes mattered most, they cast them against the people of Minnesota. 


Are you fired up yet? Turn your frustration into action, and give their offices a call:


Rep Rob Ecklund: 651-296-2190 -


Rep Dave Lislegard: 651-296-0170 -


Rep Paul Marquart: 651-296-6829 -


Rep Gene Pelowski: 651-296-8637 -


Rep Julie Sandstede: 651-296-0172 -


Rep Mike Sundin: 651-296-4308 -


When you call and email them, DO NOT let them give you the typical political excuses. Representative Mortensen did his homework, and followed the rules of the house. 


These representatives are defending Walz’ tyrannical powers, which are running small businesses into the ground. 


If our grassroots army can put enough pressure on these legislators, maybe they will think twice when Representative Mortensen brings up his resolution AGAIN. Voters sent Mortensen to St. Paul to be a fighter, not a quitter!


After you have reached out to those six negligent legislators, please sign our petition to impeach Walz, and consider leaving a generous donation to help kick off our statewide grassroots effort to convince both voters and legislators that Walz MUST be impeached.