Speaker Hortman: No End To Walz Power. How Will You Respond?

Speaker Hortman: No End To Walz Power. How Will You Respond?

Gov. Tim Walz (left) and Melissa Hortman, speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, react to a pitch from Katelyn France, one of five startup entrepreneurs to explain their concepts and their needs in “Shark Tank” style event at the Natural Resources Research Institute in Hermantown on Wednesday. Clint Austin / caustin@duluthnews.com

For many months now, North Star Liberty Alliance’s grassroots army has been working hard to end Walz emergency powers, which he has used to unilaterally run small businesses into the ground. 


Those who are eager to defend Walz will say that this is for the safety of all Minnesotans. The reality is, harsh lockdowns will cause MORE damage than this pandemic ever could. Suicide rates and drug usage are through the roof, and small business owners are struggling to feed their families. Governor Walz says that “we are all in this together” from the lofty Governor’s Mansion, collecting a regular paycheck from taxpayers. 


Legislators in St. Paul are starting to find their backbones, and vote against renewing his powers every month. Even left-leaning legislators are turning against Walz, like State Representative Rob Ecklund. Unfortunately, these votes are not enough to make it past the liberal majority in the state house.  Of course, Walz’ best friend in the house, Speaker Melissa Hortman is trying her best to prevent a public embarrassment for him. Hortman is angling that she will kill the efforts to End Walz' Emergency Powers with procedural votes as mentioned in this article HERE.


Right now, Walz' powers come down to just 4 legislators. North Star Liberty Alliance believes that these representatives can flip their votes. Rob Ecklund has already voted to end Walz' powers once! Make sure he does it again. Contact these legislators, and let them know what is on your mind.


Rep Paul Marquart - 701-371-1949 - [email protected]
Rep Julie Sandstede - 218-969-7009 - [email protected]
Rep Dave Lislegard - 218-343-7965 - [email protected]
Rep Rob Ecklund - 218-341-6133 - [email protected]


The St. Paul swamp is alive and well, and will do anything it can to maintain its power. Walz won’t give up his powers voluntarily, so the people of Minnesota must make their voices heard. 




After you call those 4 vulnerable legislators, use the link above to find out who represents YOU in the state house and state senate. Call them, and ask them to vote to rescind Walz’ powers and vote to impeach him for his misconduct in office. 


The North Star Liberty Alliance is ready to keep pulling our weight in the impeachment fight, as long as we know the people of Minnesota are behind us.


Do not let elites like Hortman or Walz determine the direction of this fight.


Please, Sign our Petition to IMPEACH WALZ


After you sign, send the petition to your friends and family. We need all hands on deck in this fight, and legislators need to see that you truly care about this issue. 


This is more than just talk. WCCO wrote about our efforts to impeach Walz, which you can read about here


We are ready to make thousands of phone calls, send out thousands of mailers, and launch an aggressive online ad campaign. All to inform voters like you, and pressure legislators to vote to impeach Walz. 


If you support our efforts, please make sure to share the petition. Also consider a generous donation to ensure our efforts are effective. 


Every bit counts, make a donation here. 


Rep-Elect Erik Mortensen is already on our side, now we have to make sure his fellow legislators are too.


We’ll see you on the front lines.