No, Reps Can't Be Arrested For Not Wearing Masks: Minnesota Constitution

No, Reps Can't Be Arrested For Not Wearing Masks: Minnesota Constitution

DFLers in the Minnesota House recently pushed through a new rule to require masks on the house floor. 


This new rule came to fruition after liberty-champion Erik Mortensen exercised his freedom to not wear a mask in his first few days on the house floor. 


Mortensen was sworn into the Minnesota house after beating the far-left legislator Brad Tabke. 


Tabke took to his social media to celebrate the passage of what he calls “The Mortensen Rule”.



When he heard the news, Mortensen laughed at the idea and welcomed it. Saying in a virtual town hall, “call the mask rule the ‘Mortensen rule.’ I would have a heyday with that!”


Tabke is one of many who worshipped the magical powers of the mask. When they heard Mortensen brush off the mask attacks, they absolutely lost it.


Many of Tabke’s friends expressed hopes that Mortensen would be “arrested” and “escorted from the floor”.  


Before any left-wing legislators get any ideas, they should refer to the Minnesota Constitution.


Article IV, Section 10 states that:


“The members of each house in all cases except treason, felony and breach of the peace, shall be privileged from arrest during the session of their respective houses and in going to or returning from the same. For any speech or debate in either house they shall not be questioned in any other place.”


Obviously, it’s ridiculous to compare maskless legislating to “treason, felony, and breach of peace”, but watch the radical-left try to make that connection. 


They may also want to check the text of Tyrant Tim’s executive order on masks:


This Executive Order does not apply to Legislative

proceedings and meetings.”


Representative Mortensen and his fellow legislators have ZERO obligation to follow this new “rule” in the house. Likewise, government should not have such power over we who consider ourselves a free people. 


More and more research comes out about the harmful effects of forced mask-wearing and little to no benefit from doing so. 


Look no further than our high school sports teams here in Minnesota. Children are collapsing because of a lack of proper airflow.


Governor Walz doesn’t care. 


Walz and his friends in the legislator would rather virtue signal than try and do right by the people of Minnesota. 


Send a message to Walz, and kick him out of the Governor’s Mansion.



When you sign the petition, be sure to send it to your friends and family. 


Do not let Walz get away with his negligence.