No Backroom Deals! No Tax Hikes in 2019!


Democrat Governor Tim Walz and Republican Senate Leader Paul Gazelka are poised to push through a "compromise deal" to hike government spending, balloon state debt and KEEP the Sick Tax FOREVER!

Now a Special Session will likely convene this week starting Thursday to finalize this budget deal.

We are worried taxpayers will get lost in the fray UNLESS you take a stand.

Sign Your Taxpayer Petition IMMEDIATELY to Send a Message to St. Paul!

To Governor Walz and legislators:

Whereas, politicians in St. Paul are proposing billions of dollars in new gas and sales taxes, and;

Whereas, the state of Minnesota has a $83 billion biennial budget, posing a major burden on Minnesota's taxpayers and private sector, and;

Whereas, the state of Minnesota diverts 40% of the motor vehicle sales tax away from roads and bridges, draining over $600 million from every budget that could be used for highway funding, needed bridge maintenance, or to reduce the burden on Minnesota taxpayers, and;

Whereas, the state of Minnesota currently has a projected $1.5 billion budget surplus, indicating the state already collects too much in taxes from the taxpayers;

THEREFORE be it resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand you oppose and vote against any and all increases in 2019 and;

Be it further resolved, We The People of Minnesota demand recorded roll call votes on all motions and bills that include a tax or fee increases.

Will you sign?