Pennsylvanians Stopped Their Governor; Why Can't Minnesota?

Pennsylvanians Stopped Their Governor; Why Can't Minnesota?

Left: PA Governor Tom Wolf. Right: MN Governor Tim Walz

The American people are sick and tired of lockdowns and masks. While many states have begun to reopen and rescind their mask mandates, some Governors are clinging on to their sweeping executive powers. Last week, Pennsylvanians said enough is enough.


Last Tuesday, PA voters rejected Governor Tom Wolf’s failed COVID-19 response by passing an amendment to their State Constitution. Tyrant Tim Walz should take notice.


Despite lifting (most) of his restrictions on the state, Governor Walz has clung on to his emergency powers and indicated that he will extend them again in June. Him lifting some of his tyrannical restrictions means nothing as long as he maintains the ability to do it all again with the stroke of a pen.


If Minnesotans are to follow the path of Pennsylvania, passing a Constitutional amendment is not the way to go.


Constitutional amendment initiatives take pressure off of the politicians and shift it to the voters. If voters reject the initiative, your legislators see the issue as “spoken for”. They don’t understand that your rights should not be threatened by a majority who show up on election day.


The best way to be rid of and done with Governor Walz’ emergency powers is for the legislature to pass Representative Erik Mortensen’s “Never Again” bill. This legislation would require a two-thirds majority vote in both the State House and the State Senate for the governor to receive emergency powers. If the governor were to violate this provision, they could be imprisoned or fined.


Though the regular legislative session has ended, there is still time to pass the Never Again bill! Governor Walz will call the legislature for a special session in June to finish up the budget. Tell your local legislators to pass the Never Again bill before anything else!