Politicians Feeling Pressure On Impeachment Effort

Politicians Feeling Pressure On Impeachment Effort

Left: Activists learning about the impeachment effort.
Right: Representative Josh Heintzeman

For the past several months, one of North Star Liberty Alliance’s primary goals has been to impeach Governor Tim Walz for his misconduct in office. The announcement of this effort received an overwhelmingly positive response from patriots across the state of Minnesota.


Representative Erik Mortensen proudly introduced HR2 -- Articles of Impeachment against Tim Walz -- back in February. He quickly received two co-sponsors on his resolution. 



After tens of thousands of petition signatures received, hard-hitting ad blitzes, phone calls and mailers, it has become clear that politicians who refuse to support Impeachment are feeling the pressure. These politicians are getting so antsy, that they have begun commenting on NSLA posts in an effort to dissuade activists from getting involved.



Representative Josh Heintzeman from House District 10A is clearly upset about getting calls and emails from activists like you. Instead of rationally discussing the impeachment and vaccine passport issues, he turns to blatantly false claims about North Star Liberty Alliance and our thousands of activist members.


He would rather insult patriots like you than actually stand up and be the conservative that he claims to be. Unfortunately, Heintzeman is not the only RINO in St. Paul… Did you see that the Republican Party of Minnesota is trying to purge conservative activists from its ranks?


Read About The Swamp Effort To Silence You


The establishment is beginning to panic… and it is no wonder! Have you seen the ads targeting lazy legislators for their refusal to sign on to impeachment?


Lucero Pressure Ad

Mekeland Pressure Ad

Franke Pressure Ad


Not only is North Star Liberty Alliance making ads, calls, mailers and emails... we're also gathering patriots for Impeachment Town Halls across the state! Check out a few pictures from our first event:



You see, NSLA is taking action to make impeachment happen. We are mobilizing and educating activists that are excited to protect liberty in the State of Minnesota. Our efforts to hold Walz accountable are only possible because of patriots like you. Will you help defend North Star Liberty Alliance against attacks from the political establishment? 


Start by calling Representative Heintzeman. Tell him that conservative patriots like you are not going anywhere. 


Rep Josh Heintzeman (10A)


[email protected]


Then, consider a donation to North Star Liberty Alliance. Now that we have seen these politicians are feeling the political pressure, we have no choice but to double down. Help us show lazy legislators what happens when they refuse to hold Governor Walz accountable.