Poll: Voters Are Ready To Open Schools And Return To Normal

Poll: Voters Are Ready To Open Schools And Return To Normal

According to a Morning Consult and Politico poll, 57% of US voters are ready to get students back in the classroom, while only 26% see it as a bad idea. You can check out the full poll results here.


These results speak volumes, and it's clear why. Students yearn for the social interaction that they get in the classroom. Because of online classes, depression and suicide among youth skyrocketted in 2020. Holding courses online for everyone is not sustainable, and parents should take note. 


It’s clear that President Biden and Governor Walz aren’t trying to fix things. Though the CDC has said that COVID-19 transmissions in the classroom are miniscule, the Biden administration is satisfied with reopening schools only once a week come spring


Just because Governor Walz has relaxed some of his rules for schools and businesses (which he never had the authority to do in the first place), doesn’t mean he won’t try to do it again in the future. 


Pandemic “experts” like Dr. Osterholm predict a resurgence in COVID cases, and a need to lock down even further in the spring. Right now, there is nothing stopping Tyrant Tim Walz from locking down our economy and keeping suffering students at home. 


Legislators need to take this poll data to Governor Walz and tell him to give up his emergency powers. If Walz continues with his tyrannical edicts, then he must be impeached and removed from office. 


Representative Erik Mortensen is leading the charge for impeachment, but he needs help getting across the finish line. Show your support for Mortensen by signing on to the impeachment petition. 




After you sign, be sure to send this article to everyone you know. You and I must get the message out that Minnesotans want students back in schools, and Walz out of the governor’s mansion.