Ramsey County Judge Prohibits Vaccine Mandate For Public Sector Unions

Ramsey County Judge Prohibits Vaccine Mandate For Public Sector Unions

Now that the general public has become fatigued with pandemic fear-mongering, lawmakers and Judges are forced to admit that their actions were over-the-top and extreme. A great example comes as a Ramsey County Judge overturns St. Paul’s vaccine mandate for public sector unions.


In a lawsuit was filed on behalf of unions such as St. Paul Police and St. Paul Firefighters last year, it was argued that this vaccine mandate was an unfair labor practice. Of course, this did not get resolved until this past Thursday – almost a year after vaccine mandates became commonplace.


At this point, workers have either been forced out of their jobs, or forced to take a vaccine they did not want. 


According to the Pioneer Press, Judge Leonardo Castro stated in part, that:


“The City was faced with the height of a pandemic and based its actions upon what it believed to be in the best interest of the health and safety of its employees and the public…”


In other words, this mandate was always immoral and unethical; but for the sake of “safety”, the law must be overlooked. Ridiculous!


This is why North Star Liberty Alliance sought out to Stop Vaccine Passports and Mandates in Minnesota. It puts too many good people in a place between standing with their morals, and standing with their livelihoods. 


The legislature must take a stand against these kinds of mandates. Though the legislative session is over, your elected officials will still hear your concerns. Let them know what their priorities should be in the 2023 session!