Rep. Munson Forced To Admit NSLA Does 'Good Work'

Rep. Munson Forced To Admit NSLA Does 'Good Work'

Left: Albertville City Councilman Walter Hudson
Right: State Representative Jeremy Munson

If you’re on North Star Liberty Alliance’s email list, you’ll likely know that Representative Jeremy Munson (R - Lake Crystal) has come under fire in recent weeks from conservative activists. 


Munson was among the 4 members that voted to kick Representative Erik Mortensen out of the New House Republican Caucus (NHRC) back in April. Since then, Mortensen has founded his own “Republican Freedom Caucus”.


When prodded, Munson admitted that he would rather defend his relationships with RINO legislators than stand up for and push good legislation.


Despite only serving one session so far in the Minnesota House, Representative Mortensen has introduced a plethora of pro-liberty legislation. Proposals such as Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz and the Never Again Bill have earned praise from conservatives. 


On a recent episode of his Omnibus Podcast, Munson admitted that groups like North Star Liberty Alliance are effective, despite their adherence to some of the same tactics in their activism that Mortensen uses on the house floor. 


“...they do good work, they are principled, and we need them out there.”

“...without those groups, Republicans will slowly tack to the left.”


Watch The Full Podcast Episode Here


North Star Liberty Alliance is certainly no stranger to engaging grassroots activists. Thanks to the help of patriots across the state, NSLA has been able to run advertisements exposing phony conservatives and radical left-wing politicians who promise one thing, but do another.


This organization has also taken aim at legislators who refuse to sign on to Mortensen’s Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz by holding Impeachment Town Halls in state house districts across the state. Here are a few pictures from one of our Town Halls:



If you, like Representative Munson, believe in the efforts by North Star Liberty Alliance, then please consider a donation to the organization. We’ll directly put your donation back into running advertisements, making phone calls, sending mailers, and holding these Impeachment Town Halls.




It is good to know that Representative Munson believes in the work being done at North Star Liberty Alliance. Hopefully he will once again prioritize the principles he was elected on, rather than relationships with RINO legislators.