Republican Admits to Doing Whatever Leadership Says

Republican Admits to Doing Whatever Leadership Says

If you have paid attention to the political world for long, you’ll know that debates and votes at the St. Paul Capitol are merely political theater, rather than real thoughts and actions made by individual legislators.


Fortunately, Representative Jon Koznik accidentally confirmed this on the House Floor. In a video released by Representative Erik Mortensen on Thursday afternoon, Koznik says that:


“We’re very much told to follow our leadership, stay with your team…”


If you don’t believe Koznik, just look at the Articles of Impeachment that were introduced in January of 2021. As of writing, only Representatives Mortensen, Drazkowski, and Munson have authored the legislation. None of which belong to the traditional House Republican Caucus. 


While many more legislators like Representative Glenn Gruenhagen have shown support for the legislation, but then refused to sign on. This is because he must fall in line with whatever Minority Leader Kurt Daudt says.


Even those who pretend to be conservative champions like Representative Lucero and Representative Mekeland have refused to co-author this legislation. This is after North Star Liberty Alliance put out pressure campaigns begging these legislators to sign on. 


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These legislators choose to stand with party leadership over the people who have been used and abused by Governor Walz and his executive orders. Representative Koznik was right!


North Star Liberty Alliance is the author of the Official Impeachment Petition against Walz. Every signature is delivered to your legislator in St. Paul. Your signature is needed!