Scott Jensen’s The Only GOP Gov Candidate To Refuse The Never Again Pledge

Scott Jensen’s The Only GOP Gov Candidate To Refuse The Never Again Pledge

Image obtained from the StarTribune

As of writing, former state senator Scott Jensen is the only GOP candidate for Governor that has refused to sign the Never Again Pledge.


The Never Again Pledge simply states that the candidate will:

  1. Prioritize Representative Erik Mortensen’s “Never Again” Bill, which would strip the governor of the unilateral ability to declare an executive emergency.
  2. Refuse to sign any legislation before the Never Again Bill becomes law.
  3. NEVER use emergency powers or executive edicts to force mask and vaccine mandates, or to shut down businesses



Mike Murphy, Mike Marti, and Dr. Neil Shah have all proudly put their name to the pledge that promises they will make Mortensen’s “Never Again” legislation their top priority upon entering office. These candidates have stayed true to their conservative principles and promise to defend the rights of the people if elected.


Scott Jensen has been asked numerous times to sign the Never Again Pledge, but has refused.


This should be a red flag for conservatives everywhere. Jensen has made Walz' tyrannical edicts a centerpiece of his campaign for governor, yet he refuses to promise he would do things differently. Why should activists take his word when he refuses to put his promise down on paper?


If you have been keeping up with Scott Jensen’s record, this should not come as a surprise. While he was in the state senate in May of 2020, Scott Jensen introduced a resolution to end Governor Walz’ peacetime emergency. However, when Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka told him to drop it, he dropped it. 




Jensen could have forced a vote on the resolution to end Walz’ peacetime emergency, but failed to do so. It seems that Scott Jensen likes to talk a big game, but fails to take action when he is needed most.