Scott Jensen Teams Up With Controversial Leftist Legislator

Scott Jensen Teams Up With Controversial Leftist Legislator

Former State Senator and GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen has been stirring up controversy in recent months. Not only is he taking the flak for his anti-second amendment legislation and his work for planned parenthood, but now he was caught co-moderating a campaign event with radical-leftist John Thompson.


Alpha News reported that on December 16th, Jensen held a campaign event in Minneapolis, in which he sought to have a “conversation” with DFL Representative John Thompson (or as I like to call him, Trouble Thompson) and other residents of Minneapolis in the aftermath of the George Floyd riots.


Thompson became infamous during the 2020 election cycle when he called for the city of Hugo, MN, to be burned to the ground. More recently, reports of domestic abuse and questions surrounding legal residency have prompted calls for Thompson’s resignation from the legislature.


Now, Trouble Thompson is having conversations with Scott Jensen about campaign strategy. 


There’s nothing wrong with talking to people with opposing views – in fact, that sometimes can be a good thing! The problem is that John Thompson is a troubled individual who has publicly called for harm upon his fellow Minnesotans. This kind of behavior should not be endorsed or amplified by anyone who claims to be a conservative.


Scott Jensen is no stranger to compromising his principles. He most notably did so in 2018 when he betrayed a campaign promise and co-sponsored a universal background check bill in the Minnesota Senate. He only removed his name from the bill when countless gun activists contacted Jensen and demanded he remove it.



The difference now is that Scott Jensen refuses to back down from his betrayal of conservative values. In fact, he attempted to defend his platforming of John Thompson in an interview with Alpha News!


Jensen is seeking the Republican endorsement for Governor of Minnesota. If he intends to please the conservative delegates at the State Convention, he will likely need to walk back his support for Thompson soon.