Senate Republicans Drop School Vouchers; Embrace Spending Increases

Senate Republicans Drop School Vouchers; Embrace Spending Increases

Above: Senator Roger Chamberlain showing his support for school choice on June 4th.

Proponents of school choice in Minnesota were let down by Senate Republicans on Tuesday. Senator Roger Chamberlain, the chair of the Senate E-12 Education Committee, announced that they have dropped their school voucher proposal as part of the Education Omnibus bill.


The initial vouchers proposal would take a portion of tax dollars and put them into a fund that's directly available for parents to use for private school tuition. This would have given parents real choice when it comes to schooling for their children. Sadly, Roger Chamberlain and Senate Republicans gave up on it. 


The bill, however, does include a 2.45% funding increase for failing public schools in Minnesota -- This taxpayer-funded increase comes after countless numbers of parents pulled their children out of public schools in 2020.


After public schools forced children on Zoom, suspended sports, and put masks on their faces, it’s clear that parents need a real alternative to what’s being offered. Instead of offering true school choice legislation, Republicans rewarded public schools with more funds.


According to the Minnesota Reformer, Senator Chamberlain was “...very happy with the way this bill came out”. This is despite compromising on the principles that his voters care so deeply about. This “compromise” of an education bill is a complete disappointment.


What will Chamberlain say to the people of his district? How can he stand in front of a group of school choice advocates and promise private school vouchers, only to turn around and drop the proposal all together. Senate Republicans had leverage on this bill, and they completely forfeited it.


Call Roger Chamberlain NOW and tell him what you think of his disappointing education bill!


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