Senate Republicans Play Into The Democrats Hand

Senate Republicans Play Into The Democrats Hand

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…


Senate Republicans introduced another USELESS bill to “reform” Walz’ executive powers. This bill would revoke Governor Walz’ ability to close schools. 


There are many problems with this bill. The first of which is Senate Republicans are giving Walz legitimacy by admitting he has the power to shut down schools in the first place. 


Walz has no such power. The only power he does have is to illegally make his executive level agencies enforce his decrees. 


Secondly, this bill would need to be signed into law by the governor. If you have been paying attention to the news for the last several months, you’ll know that Walz is not eager to give up his authority. He certainly wouldn’t sign off on stripping away his powers in bite-sized pieces, either. 


This is very similar to fake reform bills destined for failure that Senator Duckworth and Representative Haley are pushing. You can read more about them here


If Senate Republicans know that Walz won’t sign their reform bills into law, why do they keep trying? Why don’t they pass a simple resolution in the senate, and work to flip a few vulnerable votes in the house to condemn Walz and end his powers once and for all?


They’re not willing to put in the work. Unfortunately, this plays right into the DFL’s plan to keep Walz’ powers around forever! 


Read about the DFL’s Permanent Mask Mandate


Politicians are lazy, and won’t do something unless leadership tells them to, or enough constituents get riled up. 


What do you think? Is this half-effort from your elected officials enough to get you riled up to take political action?


Start by signing North Star Liberty Alliance’s Impeachment Petition:




Reaching our signature goal for this petition is important. Your legislator needs to know that you support this Impeachment Resolution. If your State Representative doesn’t see the tens of thousands of signatures we plan on delivering, they may be tempted to vote against Impeachment because it’s easier! 


After you sign, be sure to send the petition to everyone that you know! “Tyrant” Tim Walz CANNOT get away with his injustices. He MUST be Impeached and removed from office.