Gazelka "Stopping All Tax Increases" Is A Confirmed Lie

Gazelka "Stopping All Tax Increases" Is A Confirmed Lie

Senator Paul Gazelka (Left) and Senator Scott Jensen (Right) in 2020. Image obtained from MinnPost

The 2022 gubernatorial race is beginning to heat up, and all six candidates running for the Republican endorsement are trying to make the case for why they are Minnesota’s best shot at replacing Governor Walz. Some of their pitches, however, end up being less truthful than others.


From a forum held on November 2nd, Former Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka claims that he “stopped all tax increases” with the Republican Majority. This would be great if it were true! But sadly, it is not. Watch the clip of Senator Gazelka making the claim below.



Under Gazelka’s leadership, Republicans slipped up on the sunsetting provider tax in 2019, more appropriately known as the Sick Tax. This is a tax charged to healthcare providers, which ultimately ends up getting charged to patients. Instead of letting the tax sunset, Republicans like Scott Jensen forced the Senate Caucus to get on board with the renewal of the tax at 1.8%, which fellow gubernatorial candidates Paul Gazelka and Michelle Benson ended up voting for.




So no, Paul Gazelka, you did not stop tax increases. You allowed a sunsetting tax that makes healthcare more expensive to be renewed. Worse, you let one Senator drag the entire caucus in the direction of tax increases.